Red Queen Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Victoria Aveyard
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Chapters 1-6

• In Chapter 1, it is First Friday and Mare Barrow takes advantage of the crowds to pickpocket.

• In her town, all the houses are built on stilts, because of the spring rains, and the town has been named Stilts.

• Mare has four siblings: her three brothers have been conscripted to fight the Lakelanders and her younger sister Gisa lives at home and is apprenticed to a seamstress.

• The Barrows have not heard from Bree and Tramy for more than a year, but they occasionally hear from Shade.

• Mare’s friend Kilorn joins her.

• Kilorn is an orphan, whose father was killed in battle, and his mother disappeared.

• Kilorn is apprenticed to a fisherman.

• Mare’s father lost his leg and a lung in the war and spends his days inside in a wheelchair fixing trinkets.

• First Friday is when Silvers fight in the arena, and attendance is...

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