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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do bears kill White trappers?

2. How many Red's die over the thought that two White boys have died?

3. Of what did the forest smell?

4. What would Armor do to stop the massacre?

5. To whom or what is La Fayette more of a friend than he is to Napoleon?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is interesting to note about the way Alvin makes the journey with Ta-Kumsaw?

2. What does Napoleon tell Ta-Kumsaw to say to Alvin, and what is Alvin's response?

3. What kinds of options does Measure have? How are these options merely illusions?

4. Why does La Fayette want Napoleon out of command?

5. Why doesn't Ta-Kumsaw walk away with his men when he has the chance?

6. For what reasons does Frederic don the amulet?

7. What is White Murderer Harrison's curse?

8. Why does Alvin believe there is some witchery involved in regards to Ta-Kumsaw?

9. What do the Reds do when faced with death at the hand of the Whites?

10. What does Taleswapper have in his bag?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Lolla-Wossiky's interpretation of Christianity. Discuss Armor and Thrower's interpretation of Red religion. Which appears, at first glance, to be more accurate? Which is portrayed in a better light in this novel? Explain how you have come to your conclusions and cite quotes from the book to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Governor Harrison as a character. What kinds of traits does he embody? How is he different from all of the other characters who seemed bad throughout the novel? What kinds of traits does he have that are positive? What kinds of traits does he have that could be considered negative?

Essay Topic 3

What might have occurred had Alvin gone back with Measure and saved him as the torture was occurring? Would this have been more likely to have saved the Reds at Tippy-Canoe? Why or why not?

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