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Hio River - An offshoot of the Mizzipy River, this waterway runs through Wobbish County down to Dekane.

Carthage City - This is the hopeful capital of Wobbish.

Vigor Church - this bui9lding is named for the eldest Miller child who drowned en route.

Marie-Philippe - This is a sailing ship that brought Napoleon Bonaparte from France.

Lake Irrakwa - This body of water is the least and lowest of the Great Lakes.

Lake Mizogan - At this place where Alvin and Measure are taken by Ta-Kumsaw, Alvin has his vision of the crystal city.

Crystal City - Light without dark, clean without dirty, this city also has healthy without sick, strong without weak, plenty without hunger.

Gatlopp - This is a test of courage the Red man have where two lines of braves are formed and the challengers walk between them while the braves hit...

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