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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1: Hooch)


Ta-Kumsaw explains that the alcohol sold to the Red men is destroying them, causing them to be shadows of who they are and what they could be, and that they cannot restrain themselves from its toxicity.

The objective of this lesson is to gain a better understanding of why it is made illegal to sell alcohol to Natives (Reds).


1) Initiate a class discussion on the way Hooch views the Red man and his taste for alcohol. Why is this of benefit to him? What other purpose does it serve?

2) Break the class into groups of two or three and discuss Ta-Kumsaw's perspective when it comes to alcohol. What gives him first-hand experience with this perspective? Why is the consumption of liquor a problem to him?

3) In short essay form, discuss possible reasons why the natives to whom Ta-Kumsaw is referring cannot resist the alcohol. How...

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