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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words, Part One.

Using your imagination, create an image of Alvin Miller Jr, from any point in the story.

A Brief History of Weapons

Create a small booklet about different weapons that have been used in North America, both between Caucasian people and Native people.

Living in Harmony

Discuss different ways that Caucasian society has begun to move towards a more harmonious life with nature.

Alvin's Journey

Draw and create a map that shows Alvin's journeys with Ta-Kumsaw.

Measure's Journey

Draw and create a map that shows Measure's journey. Make the division line between where he leaves Alvin and heads home evident.

Your own Dugout

Create your own dugout in miniature.

Image Not Found

Create a conceptional drawing of Ta-Kumsaw or Tecumseh. Explain how you came about your image.

Model: Eight Face Mound

Create a model of the holy site for the Red...

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