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Chapters 1: Hooch

• Hooch Palmer's flatboat is one of the few that isn't attacked by militant Red men as it makes its way down the Hio River to Carthage City because of the Reds' penchant for the hard spirits on-board the boat.

• Two towns are vying for the title of capital city of Wobbish: Carthage City and Vigor Church.

• Hooch doesn't care which town wins, so long as the sales of "likker" continue.

• Lolla-Wossiky seems permanently drunk, despite the town's dry status in regards to alcohol.

• A man named Andrew Jackson arrives and recognizes Hooch, saying that there are warrants for his arrest due to unpaid debts.

• Harrison invites Lolla-Wossiky and his brother, Ta-Kumsaw, into his office to show how civilized the Red man can be.

• Ta-Kumsaw has come with a warning not to violate the treaty by selling whiskey to the natives. Harrison assures him that he will...

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