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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells John of an anti-aging product?

2. What promise does the hidden inside of the rock offer the traveling rover group?

3. Who are in the dining hall, watching the news as they hear of revolutions surrounding the new birth reduction acts on Earth?

4. To the traveling rover group's surprise, the newly found settlement has _____.

5. Who takes a train to see Helmut Bronsi?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Simon reveal himself to be a strong force when he gets angry with Ann?

2. How is John revealed as a complex personality in Part 5?

3. What information is revealed about Hiroko through the notes left for Sax and for Ursula?

4. After Frank's office is flooded with immigrants, why does he decide to go to Phyllis for help?

5. Why does Ann crumble in mental stability as the destruction of Mars occurs?

6. What does Arkady's assertion that there are "guns under the table" foreshadow in the chapters after Part 5?

7. How does Frank respond after learning the treaty has failed?

8. What does Frank learn from meeting the miners from Florida?

9. How does Frank disappear, trying to save his companions?

10. What are Helmut's motivations for working on Mars?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the main themes in the book is ethical and social responsibility. List at least four examples where Robinson employs this specific theme. Is the battle between making ethical choices obvious or subtle? What characters are involved in this kind of battle? Do you think the right person or group won? Does good always triumph over evil in the case of Red Mars ethics?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the power of the scientists in Red Mars. Is the press objective? Why or why not? What kind of academic bias do they reveal? How are they influenced?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Maya. What is her role in the story? What was Robinson trying to accomplish by creating Maya's character in the novel?

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