Red Mars Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are the major themes of Red Mars by Robinson?

Covering a span of three generations, Red Mars discusses terraforming, colonization, medical advancement, political power, and a host of other topics that create a suspenseful, entertaining, and realistic look into the possible future of our species.

2. When did people learn about life on other planets, according to the first chapter?

Before the first man on Mars, people of Earth knew little about the planet but believed there was life there. Following the landing of Mariner and Viking, however, we knew more of the landscape and the planet but found no life. It was only when we sent people that we could really understand the lifeless yet powerful planet.

3. Why does Selim get angry after talking to Frank about John?

Frank's explanation that John is attempting to block the Arabs, during the writing of the new Mars treaty, angers Selim el-Hayil, a young Arab.

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