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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5: Falling Into History, pages 337 - 382..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does John go to receive a physical exam?
(a) Acheron.
(b) Bradbury.
(c) Daily Planet.
(d) New Moon.

2. What is vital for continued economical and social existence on Earth?
(a) A weak position on Mars.
(b) A weak position on Earth.
(c) A strong position on Mars.
(d) A strong position on Earth.

3. What forces increase their attacks on John, revealing that those forces are simply and arm of the governments and transnational corporations attempting to maintain a hold on the planet?
(c) UNOMA.
(d) ETSA.

4. If aging treatments are given to everyone, what happens to the world?
(a) It becomes fearsome.
(b) It becomes overgrown.
(c) It becomes generic.
(d) It becomes overpopulated.

5. If aging treatments are given to the rich, who will revolt?
(a) The middle class.
(b) The poor.
(c) The politicians.
(d) The rich.

Short Answer Questions

1. What team is Nadia part of?

2. In what love triangle does Nadia find herself struggling to escape?

3. After the celebration attended by many of the first hundred colonizers, John tells _____ he thinks her/his children are saboteurs.

4. Of the final hundred that would travel to Mars as the first colonizers, how many are women?

5. Who makes John a strong figure in the revolution?

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