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Read a biography on Ernest Robinson or find biographical information about this author. What did you learn about the writer, his writing style, and his characters?


Watch a movie about a utopian society such as Metropolis, Things To Come, The Harrad Experiment, Lost Horizon, or Logan's Run. How does the society portrayed in the movie of your choice resemble that of Ernest Robinson's novel Red Mars?

Green Party Theme

Hold a nature-themed party in class. Find out what "eco-conscience" society people used to wear in the 1990s when the novel was written, and dress accordingly. Use foods and decorations inspired by the theme.


Play Pictionary or charades using information in the book Red Mars such as places and clues.


Storyboard one of the chapters of the book Red Mars.

Gender Bender

Take two characters of opposing genders in Red Mars and switch them. Discuss...

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