Red Mars Character Descriptions

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Frank Chalmers

This character, who enjoys power, is the stocky and cynical leader of the American group on the Ares.

John Boone

This character, who is addicted to omegendorph, is a boyishly handsome and easygoing American member of the Ares crew.

Maya Toitovna

This character is the seductive leader of the Russian contingent on the Ares.

Saxifrage 'Sax' Russell

This character is a physicist, one of the first American colonists on Ares, and the leader of the Green movement.

Selim el- Hayil

This character is a young Arabian who is killed by pesticides.

Michel Duval

This character is a psychiatrist from France who is sent to live with the Ares crew in Antarctica.

Nadezhda Cherneshevsky

This capable Russian engineer, who is an expert on cold weather construction, loses a finger.

Arkady Bogdanov

This character is a Russian engineer with red hair and an influential anarchist.

Ann Clayborne


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