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Part 1: Festival Night

• John Boone talks to the people of Nicosia.

• Frank feels inhibited.

• Frank wanders through the city and finds himself among Arabs.

• He learns that John's attempt to block the Arabs during the new Mars treaty angers Selim el-Hayil

• He is given a mask during the celebration and feels odd when watched by a man in dreadlocks.

• Frank heads outside the dome in a walker, or a suit designed for walking on the surface of Mars.

• Entering a farm dome, Frank steals several pesticide patches, and admits he knows a combination that is lethal to humans.

• Returning to Nicosia, Frank again runs into John.

• Frank accuses John of trying to block him from the treaty rewrite, but John assures him this is untrue.

• Frank puts the pesticides on Selim's shirt without Selim's knowledge.

• Frank continues to press the issue, urging Selim to take action against John...

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