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In the Garden

This is the nursery where Hayley works.

Harper House

This is where Hayley lives.


This is a room that is rarely entered. It's on the third floor.

Carriage House

This is where Harper lives.

The Pond

This is where Harper played as a child.


This is what Hayley is drawn to. Harper buys it for her, and they later learn that it belonged to Amelia.

Rocking Chair

This is what Amelia is in when she sings to the children.


Amelia is seen with this when she comes from the Carriage House.


This is what Amelia wraps around her neck.


This is the room Amelia enters before heading toward the nursery.


This is where Amelia was born and where Harper takes Hayley on a date.

The Willows

Harper goes here to learn about the jewelry he purchased for Hayley.

Grafting House

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