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Lesson 1 (from Prologue - Chapter 4)


Prologue - Chapter 4

Reginald Harper is a wealthy and powerful man. Although Reginald is married to Beatrice, he has an affair with Amelia Connor. Eventually, Amelia becomes pregnant, and she and Beatrice have a confrontation. Discuss Reginald, Amelia, and their relationship.


1) Class Discussion: Reginald cheats on his wife with a beautiful younger woman. Beatrice knows Reginald is cheating. Explain the Beatrice's reaction to the knowledge that Reginald is cheating. What does Beatrice say about Reginald's affairs? Why does Beatrice stay with Reginald? Is Reginald repentant? Explain. What might you do in Beatrice's shoes?

2) Group Work: Cheating is a common reason for divorce among couples. In small groups, discuss cheating. What constitutes cheating? Have you ever done it? Would you? What might encourage a person to cheat?

3) Journal Entry: In her position as Reginald's mistress, Amelia receives money, a house, and many gifts. Write a journal...

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