Red Lily Character Descriptions

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Hayley Phillips

This character is a young, single mother who lives at Harper House. She is generally upbeat and caring.

Harper Ashby

This character is the son of the woman who owns Harper House.

Amelia Connor

This is the ghost who haunts Harper House. She is also referred to as The Bride.

Reginald Harper

This is Roz's grandfather.


This is the son of the rich man's mistress. His name was changed by the family who raised him.


This is the wife who could not bear Reginald a son.


This is Hayley's young daughter.


This is the mistress of Harper House.


This man is a genealogist and professor who is married to Roz.


This character is the manager of the nursery where Hayley works.


This character is Harper's childhood friend.


This is Stella's husband.

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