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Prologue - Chapter 4

• The story opens in 1893 in Memphis

• A crazed woman approaches Harper House.

• The woman, a former mistress of Reginald Harper, had once been revered.
• The woman, Amelia, is now penniless and consumed with grief.

• Amelia was told that her baby had been stillborn.

• Reginald had stolen the son to raise as his own.
• Reginald ends the affair.

• Amelia goes to Harper House to reclaim her son.

• Amelia meets Beatrice, Reginald's wife.

• Amelia is sent away.

• Amelia commits suicide.
• The story turns to present day Memphis (2005).

• Hayley, a single mother, rocks her fussy baby.

• Hayley sees Amelia's ghost.

• Hayley thinks about her adopted family.

• Roz and Mitch are on their honeymoon.
• Hayley will have to find another place to live.

• David, the house manager, prepares for Roz's return.

• Roz asks Hayley to stay.

• Hayley has a crush on Roz's son, Harper.

• The family business is discussed...

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