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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the autopsy report state was in Lounds' throat?

2. Who does Graham receive a letter from while going over the tape of Lounds and the killer?

3. What did the police NOT encounter on the way to Dolarhyde's house?

4. What has Graham been trying to connect between Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Jacobi?

5. What does Jacobi's lawyer tell Graham that they were able to retrieve that Jacobi's oldest son had taken?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Dolarhyde's reaction to the painting of George Washington in the Brooklyn Museum.

2. What strikes Graham as odd about the killer showing up at the Brooklyn Museum?

3. What does Graham dream about in the end of Chapter 54 while in the hospital?

4. What is Graham still looking for in Dolarhyde's desk when Crawford appears and tells him that the flight that Dolarhyde has written on the calender is to the Leeds' home town?

5. What is Graham's response when the mockingbird whistles in Chapter 51?

6. What is Reba's reaction when Dolarhyde tells her that he would rather her die with him than to be left to the Dragon?

7. What does the Dragon offer Dolarhyde in Chapter 44?

8. After seeing the home movie of the Jacobi family in Chapter 42 what reasons does Graham give for the killer knowing that there was going to be a padlock?

9. After Graham is given the remains of the killer from the charred house site what does he wonder about?

10. Why does Reba refuse Dolarhyde's offer for a ride home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Graham and Molly lost a lot while he was working on the case. Could their marriage be salvaged? Why or why not? Was Graham putting the case, or his need to work, before his marriage and family? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Dolarhyde's mother is shown having four meetings with him; When he is born, when his grandmother takes him to see her, when his grandmother takes ill and at his grandmother's funeral. In what ways does their meeting change each time? Why was the last meeting so different?

Essay Topic 3

Reba McClane had believed that Dolarhyde was a shy gentleman and that the reason for his behavior was simply that he was awkward. What did Dolarhyde do that should have given Reba warning signs?

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