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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the police NOT encounter on the way to Dolarhyde's house?
(a) Greyhound bus
(b) Corvette with young girls driving
(c) Tow truck
(d) Pickup full of children

2. Who does Graham receive a letter from while going over the tape of Lounds and the killer?
(a) America's Next Top Model
(b) Crawford
(c) Molly
(d) Dr. Lecter

3. When Graham listens to the tape of Lounds made by the killer what does Lounds say about "the dragon"?
(a) The dragon came from a nightmare
(b) Dragons eat meat... You're meat!
(c) People should dread him
(d) The dragon is equal to fear

4. How does Dolarhyde keep Graham from seeing him?
(a) Hides under the front desk
(b) Puts a lamp shade over his head
(c) Goes out the back door
(d) Goes out a window

5. Who does Graham hope will come to the house when they are well?
(a) Crawford
(b) Reba
(c) Jacobi's oldest son
(d) Bloom

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when the gas station attendant looks too closely at Reba?

2. What does Reba smell when they get to Dolarhyde's house?

3. What happens to Dolarhyde?

4. What does Graham think is the connection between the two murdered families?

5. Who does Graham run into when he is on his way back to the house to talk to Crawford?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Molly tell Graham when they get home?

2. When Dolarhyde has a discussion with the Dragon in Chapter 37 what are the main differences in the two personalities?

3. Why are the police anxious to have a profile of the killer in Chapter 34?

4. What is Graham still looking for in Dolarhyde's desk when Crawford appears and tells him that the flight that Dolarhyde has written on the calender is to the Leeds' home town?

5. What happens when Dolarhyde appears at Graham's house?

6. How are things different after Graham returns home in Chapter 53?

7. While in the hospital what does Graham tell Reba?

8. What is Reba's reaction when Dolarhyde tells her that he would rather her die with him than to be left to the Dragon?

9. What is Graham's response when the mockingbird whistles in Chapter 51?

10. Why does Reba refuse Dolarhyde's offer for a ride home?

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