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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What confuses Graham about Dolarhyde taking the painting of the dragon?
(a) The witnesses were not killed
(b) That he had a guitar case
(c) Why Dolarhyde made an appointment
(d) That anyone would want such an ugly piece of art

2. What does Reba do that fascinates Dolarhyde when they arrive at her apartment?
(a) Pours coffee
(b) Draws a picture
(c) Cuts pie
(d) Navigates through her house

3. What does Molly NOT say is waiting for Graham inside?
(a) The light bill
(b) The water bill
(c) Lengthy conversations with Will
(d) A broken kitchen sink

4. Who does Graham receive a letter from while going over the tape of Lounds and the killer?
(a) America's Next Top Model
(b) Dr. Lecter
(c) Molly
(d) Crawford

5. What do the police find when they reach Dolarhyde's home?
(a) Reba outside
(b) The neighbor's standing in the yard
(c) A lawn full of dead animals
(d) A pink poney statue

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dolarhyde do to Reba's ex-boyfriend?

2. What do Molly and Willie continually talk about after they are home?

3. What were the police hoping to use to identify the killer but proves to be a dead end?

4. What does Dolarhyde do with the painting?

5. Who does Dolarhyde see that makes him realize the F.B.I. is catching up to him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Reba's reaction when Dolarhyde tells her that he would rather her die with him than to be left to the Dragon?

2. Why does Reba refuse Dolarhyde's offer for a ride home?

3. What strikes Graham as odd about the killer showing up at the Brooklyn Museum?

4. While in the hospital what does Graham tell Reba?

5. After Graham is given the remains of the killer from the charred house site what does he wonder about?

6. What does Graham dream about in the end of Chapter 54 while in the hospital?

7. After seeing the home movie of the Jacobi family in Chapter 42 what reasons does Graham give for the killer knowing that there was going to be a padlock?

8. What is Graham's response when the mockingbird whistles in Chapter 51?

9. What is Dolarhyde looking for and making note of when he goes to the Brooklyn Museum in Chapter 39?

10. When Dolarhyde has a discussion with the Dragon in Chapter 37 what are the main differences in the two personalities?

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