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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dolarhyde do to Reba's ex-boyfriend?
(a) Bites his lips off
(b) Shoots him three times
(c) Stabs him
(d) Breaks his arm

2. Who does Graham falsely believe was the one calling when he is unable to reach the phone before it finishes ringing?
(a) The killer
(b) Molly
(c) Dr. Lecter
(d) Crawford

3. What happens when the gas station attendant looks too closely at Reba?
(a) Dolarhyde plans to get even with the man
(b) Dolarhyde twists the man's arm
(c) Dolarhyde ignores it
(d) Dolarhyde stabs the man in the neck with a steak knife

4. What does Crawford's boss push Graham to create?
(a) A set method of attack from the killer
(b) Profile of the killer
(c) A collage to show the killer's mind set
(d) The state of mind of the family during the attack

5. Where does Graham assume that the killer took Lounds before he killed him?
(a) Disneyland
(b) The killer's home
(c) An abandoned parking lot
(d) Lounds' apartment

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Dolarhyde made an appointment for?

2. What helped lead police the rest of the way to Dolarhyde's house?

3. What is done with the letter written to Graham by Lecter?

4. Who is in the portrait that Dolarhyde believes for a moment to be his grandmother?

5. What weapons are found in the ashes of Dolarhyde's home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Dolarhyde's reaction to the painting of George Washington in the Brooklyn Museum.

2. What does the Dragon offer Dolarhyde in Chapter 44?

3. What is the trouble with finding Dolarhyde's home?

4. When Dolarhyde takes Reba to his home what is the film that they watch before they make love?

5. Describe Reba's trip to see the Tiger and the reaction of the people involved.

6. After Graham is given the remains of the killer from the charred house site what does he wonder about?

7. What does Dolarhyde do when he sees Reba kiss Ralph Mandy?

8. What takes place in the phone call between Graham and Molly and Willy in Chapter 40?

9. What is Reba's reaction when Dolarhyde tells her that he would rather her die with him than to be left to the Dragon?

10. Why does Reba refuse Dolarhyde's offer for a ride home?

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