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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What excuse does Dolarhyde say that he wants the infrared film for?
(a) A zoo
(b) To catch a garden animal on tape
(c) A party
(d) For the police

2. What does Lounds first believe to be in the thermos?
(a) His eyes
(b) Home made wine
(c) His lips
(d) Evidence from the murders

3. Why does Francis Dolarhyde search his house before he relaxes?
(a) Recent robberies
(b) He hears something
(c) His grandmother's ghost
(d) Vandalism in the neighborhood

4. What does Freddy Lounds do when Graham leaves his meeting with Lecter?
(a) Takes a picture
(b) Asks for an interview
(c) Asks for details of the murder
(d) Follows Graham to the police station

5. What does the symbol carved in the tree represent on the mah-jongg piece?
(a) The "Bloody Angel"
(b) The "Man that is Mentaly Unstable"
(c) The "Red Dragon"
(d) The "Blue Tigger"

Short Answer Questions

1. After looking over the file what does Lecter say that the killer goes outside to look at after he has murdered?

2. What is Lecter promised in return for looking at the murder case for Graham?

3. What does Francis' grandmother tell him she will do if he ever wets the bed again?

4. What does Marian tell the baby's father had happened?

5. What does Dolarhyde find when the technician turns on the lights in the room?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the response that Dolarhyde's stepbrothers and sisters have when he arrives.

2. What is determined in regards to the new leads left by the killer from Lounds' murder?

3. What is the first thing that Graham does when he arrives in Atlanta in Chapter 2?

4. What does Lecter do after Graham leaves him in Chapter 8?

5. In Chapter 18 what information does Bloom give Crawford, Graham, and the others, in reference to the killer, to use in the made-up story that Lounds was going to produce?

6. After Lounds is taken captive by Dolarhyde what is Dolarhyde's response to Lounds' phrase "man to man"?

7. What does Dr. Bloom say in Chapter 3 is the reason that the killer breaks the mirrors?

8. How does Dolarhyde change when he realizes that Reba is blind?

9. Why does Graham go back to the Leeds' house again in Chapter 5?

10. What does Dolarhyde say to Dr Lecter in reference to Graham on the toilet paper in Chapter 13?

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