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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Graham realize about Dolarhyde's actions?
(a) Dolarhyde had no choice
(b) Anyone can choose to act that way
(c) T.V. and video games are to blame
(d) His actions were controlled by Lecter

2. What does Molly hit Dolarhyde with as he hits Graham with the knife?
(a) Tree limb
(b) Boat paddle
(c) Fishing pole
(d) Rock

3. What does the Jacobi lawyer tell Graham the Jacobi son had done with most of the items he took from the home?
(a) Put them in a yard sale
(b) Burned them
(c) Hid them
(d) Pawned them

4. Where does Dolarhyde go?
(a) Pentagon
(b) Chicago Zoo
(c) Brooklyn Museum
(d) To see his grandmother's grave

5. What does Dolarhyde check to make sure the guards don't have?
(a) Cooties
(b) Guns
(c) Video survalence
(d) Communication systems

6. What does Graham whistle at before he leaves?
(a) Mockingbird
(b) Crawford
(c) The remains of the burned house
(d) The memory of the dragon

7. What does Dolarhyde have Reba do once she is back in the bedroom?
(a) Take her clothes off
(b) Lay down on the bed
(c) Listen to the tapes of him killing the families
(d) Put the key around his neck

8. Why does Molly say she can't come home?
(a) She has filled for divorce
(b) She got a job
(c) She has started her son in a new school
(d) She has a new boyfriend

9. What does Reba smell when they get to Dolarhyde's house?
(a) Blood
(b) Gun powder
(c) Sewage
(d) Gasoline

10. What was Aybnesworth pouring the ashes into when Graham and Crawford arrived at Dolarhyde's house site?
(a) Mason jars
(b) Paint cans
(c) Metal troughs
(d) Plastic tubs

11. What do Molly and Willie continually talk about after they are home?
(a) Their delight in being home
(b) Molly's ex-in-laws
(c) Willie's good friends
(d) How much they missed Graham

12. What animal did Dolarhyde talk to the zoo official about?
(a) Dragon
(b) Bear
(c) Koala
(d) Tiger

13. What is done with the letter written to Graham by Lecter?
(a) It gets lost
(b) Crawford destroys it
(c) Molly puts it away
(d) Molly burns it

14. Who does Graham receive a letter from while going over the tape of Lounds and the killer?
(a) Molly
(b) America's Next Top Model
(c) Crawford
(d) Dr. Lecter

15. What does Dolarhyde give Reba to test her loyalty, a test which she fails?
(a) A skate board
(b) A key
(c) A knife
(d) A phone

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in the portrait that Dolarhyde believes for a moment to be his grandmother?

2. What does Dolarhyde attempt to do first when he returns to St. Louis?

3. Why does the fire investigator tell the police there may not be any remains of Dolarhyde found?

4. What helped lead police the rest of the way to Dolarhyde's house?

5. What happens while Dolarhyde is working out?

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