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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevents Crawford from telling Dolarhyde's story to Graham all in one sitting?
(a) Graham can't keep awake
(b) Crawford keeps getting phone calls
(c) Crawford can only be in the room five minutes at a time
(d) Crawford doesn't want to talk in front of Molly

2. Who do the police hope will be able to help them narrow down the employees and find the killer?
(a) Miss Harper
(b) A security guard from the museum
(c) Molly
(d) Reba

3. What do Molly and Willie continually talk about after they are home?
(a) Their delight in being home
(b) Molly's ex-in-laws
(c) How much they missed Graham
(d) Willie's good friends

4. What happens that distracts Miss Harper allowing Dolarhyde to hit her in the head with a gun?
(a) Her mother calls
(b) An owl flies in with a message
(c) He claims to have seen a rat
(d) She sees a spider

5. What happens while Dolarhyde is working out?
(a) He feels the Dragon's need to eat
(b) He feels the Dragon's claws coming out
(c) He drops a weight on his foot
(d) He hears the Dragon's voice for the first time

6. What was Aybnesworth pouring the ashes into when Graham and Crawford arrived at Dolarhyde's house site?
(a) Metal troughs
(b) Paint cans
(c) Mason jars
(d) Plastic tubs

7. What has the paper begun calling Dolarhyde that makes him happy?
(a) Avid Fan
(b) Mr. Tooth Fairy
(c) The Nibbler
(d) Dragon

8. What were the police hoping to use to identify the killer but proves to be a dead end?
(a) His finger prints
(b) His teeth
(c) His genetic profile
(d) His dashing profile

9. Who is Reba having dinner with explaining that she doesn't want to see him anymore?
(a) Dolarhyde
(b) Ralph Mandy
(c) Graham
(d) Crawford

10. What confuses Graham about Dolarhyde taking the painting of the dragon?
(a) The witnesses were not killed
(b) That anyone would want such an ugly piece of art
(c) That he had a guitar case
(d) Why Dolarhyde made an appointment

11. What does Molly hit Dolarhyde with as he hits Graham with the knife?
(a) Rock
(b) Tree limb
(c) Boat paddle
(d) Fishing pole

12. What does Dolarhyde arrange to have Reba do?
(a) Go boating
(b) Touch a sleeping tiger
(c) Swim with the dolphins
(d) Feed a bear

13. What does the Dragon tell Dolarhyde he must do if he wants help?
(a) Do the hokey-pokey
(b) Go back and kill the witnesses at the museum
(c) Kill Reba
(d) Kill Graham

14. What does the Coroner's card have written on it?
(a) Vote for Robert L. Dulaney
(b) Coroner since '88
(c) Marry 'em then Bury 'em
(d) Top County Coroner

15. Where does Dolarhyde go?
(a) Chicago Zoo
(b) To see his grandmother's grave
(c) Brooklyn Museum
(d) Pentagon

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls while Dolarhyde is looking for a key to his footlocker?

2. What object is found at Dolarhyde's desk which reveals him as the killer to Graham?

3. What does Dolarhyde give Reba to test her loyalty, a test which she fails?

4. What does Dolarhyde contemplate doing in order to save Reba from the Dragon?

5. What weapons are found in the ashes of Dolarhyde's home?

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