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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dolarhyde keep Graham from seeing him?
(a) Hides under the front desk
(b) Goes out a window
(c) Goes out the back door
(d) Puts a lamp shade over his head

2. What happens when the gas station attendant looks too closely at Reba?
(a) Dolarhyde stabs the man in the neck with a steak knife
(b) Dolarhyde twists the man's arm
(c) Dolarhyde plans to get even with the man
(d) Dolarhyde ignores it

3. Who does Graham run into when he is on his way back to the house to talk to Crawford?
(a) Dolarhyde
(b) Crawford
(c) Lecter
(d) Dr. Bloom

4. What happens while Dolarhyde is working out?
(a) He feels the Dragon's claws coming out
(b) He feels the Dragon's need to eat
(c) He drops a weight on his foot
(d) He hears the Dragon's voice for the first time

5. What has Graham been trying to connect between Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Jacobi?
(a) Leeds' volunteer work and Jacobi's sickness
(b) Leeds' surgery and Jacobi's volunteer work
(c) Leeds' and Jacobi's soccer mom field trips
(d) Leeds' mental institution stay and Jacobi's kitchen cooking

6. Who is in the portrait that Dolarhyde believes for a moment to be his grandmother?
(a) Abraham Lincoln
(b) Madonna
(c) George Washington
(d) Thomas Jefferson

7. Who does Graham receive a letter from while he is in the hospital?
(a) Reba
(b) Lecter
(c) Crawford
(d) Molly

8. What does Graham think is the connection between the two murdered families?
(a) Projectors from the same company
(b) Birthday's at the same time
(c) The Gateway company
(d) They both called psychic hotlines

9. What is suggested happened to cause the explosion after the house caught on fire?
(a) Dynamite caught on fire
(b) The house had a gas line
(c) The house was rigged with C-4
(d) Grenades

10. What is Aunt Lula?
(a) Small ship
(b) Graham's old car
(c) Graham's dog
(d) DC-3 plane

11. Who does Graham receive a letter from while going over the tape of Lounds and the killer?
(a) Crawford
(b) Molly
(c) America's Next Top Model
(d) Dr. Lecter

12. What does Crawford come to tell Graham?
(a) That they have found something of interest
(b) That Graham is being fired
(c) That they have found a mass grave site
(d) That Lecter has escaped

13. What do the police find when they reach Dolarhyde's home?
(a) A pink poney statue
(b) Reba outside
(c) A lawn full of dead animals
(d) The neighbor's standing in the yard

14. What did the autopsy report state was in Lounds' throat?
(a) Cotton fibers
(b) Chloroform
(c) Blue granules
(d) A cocoon

15. What happens that distracts Miss Harper allowing Dolarhyde to hit her in the head with a gun?
(a) An owl flies in with a message
(b) He claims to have seen a rat
(c) Her mother calls
(d) She sees a spider

Short Answer Questions

1. What prevents Crawford from telling Dolarhyde's story to Graham all in one sitting?

2. What object is found at Dolarhyde's desk which reveals him as the killer to Graham?

3. What does Reba smell when they get to Dolarhyde's house?

4. What does Graham find when his plane lands?

5. What does Graham realize about Dolarhyde's actions?

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