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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevents Crawford from telling Dolarhyde's story to Graham all in one sitting?
(a) Crawford can only be in the room five minutes at a time
(b) Crawford keeps getting phone calls
(c) Graham can't keep awake
(d) Crawford doesn't want to talk in front of Molly

2. What does Reba ask Dolarhyde to let her do but he refuses?
(a) Make him something to eat
(b) Read his palm
(c) Walk him back to his car
(d) Touch his face

3. Who does Dolarhyde see that makes him realize the F.B.I. is catching up to him?
(a) Crawford at Reba's house
(b) Graham at Dolarhyde's home
(c) The police in front of Dolarhyde's next intended victim's home
(d) Graham at Reba's work

4. What does Dolarhyde do with the painting?
(a) Paints over it
(b) Puts it into the guitar case
(c) Eats it
(d) Burns it

5. What has the paper begun calling Dolarhyde that makes him happy?
(a) Mr. Tooth Fairy
(b) Dragon
(c) Avid Fan
(d) The Nibbler

6. What caused Reba to be face down in the dirt?
(a) Explosion knocked her down
(b) She tripped running out
(c) She was looking for her glasses
(d) She had fainted

7. What weapons are found in the ashes of Dolarhyde's home?
(a) Knife and shotgun
(b) Bazooka and scythe
(c) Pistol and shotgun
(d) Pistol and glock

8. What happens when the gas station attendant looks too closely at Reba?
(a) Dolarhyde twists the man's arm
(b) Dolarhyde stabs the man in the neck with a steak knife
(c) Dolarhyde ignores it
(d) Dolarhyde plans to get even with the man

9. What does Molly hit Dolarhyde with as he hits Graham with the knife?
(a) Tree limb
(b) Fishing pole
(c) Boat paddle
(d) Rock

10. What does the Dragon force Dolarhyde to mutilate himself with?
(a) Gasoline
(b) A giant clay dragon claw
(c) His grandmother's dentures
(d) A spoon

11. What does Graham give Willy to to carry when Graham gets off the plane?
(a) Coat
(b) Suitcase
(c) Hat
(d) Suit bag

12. What did Reba reach for several times during the night while in the hospital?
(a) Policewoman's hand
(b) A glass of water
(c) Sleeping pills
(d) The television remote

13. How does Dolarhyde keep Graham from seeing him?
(a) Hides under the front desk
(b) Goes out a window
(c) Goes out the back door
(d) Puts a lamp shade over his head

14. What does the St. Charles Sheriff's Department check to make sure of Dolarhyde's address?
(a) Mapquest
(b) News paper route
(c) Water company routes
(d) Service map at power-company

15. What is suggested happened to cause the explosion after the house caught on fire?
(a) The house was rigged with C-4
(b) The house had a gas line
(c) Grenades
(d) Dynamite caught on fire

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dolarhyde do to Reba's ex-boyfriend?

2. What did the police NOT encounter on the way to Dolarhyde's house?

3. What were the police hoping to use to identify the killer but proves to be a dead end?

4. What item does Dolarhyde not have when he enters the museum?

5. What is not in the trunk that Dolarhyde opens?

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