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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lecter promised in return for looking at the murder case for Graham?
(a) AMA filmstrip library access
(b) A pencil and paper
(c) Internet access
(d) Outside exercise

2. What does Lecter ask for after Graham is gone?
(a) A phone book
(b) A phone call
(c) An Ouija board
(d) A pen

3. What does Francis' grandmother tell him she will do if he ever wets the bed again?
(a) Make him sleep outside
(b) Send him away
(c) Spank him
(d) Cut off his penis

4. How is Lounds secured to the wheelchair?
(a) Duck tape
(b) Epoxy glue
(c) With magic words
(d) Rope

5. What does Dolarhyde NOT have in his huge ledger that he got at the bankruptcy sale?
(a) Pieces of scalp
(b) Snippets of his own writings
(c) Articles related to his becoming activities
(d) Pictures of his grandmother

6. Where does Molly want to take her son and go live?
(a) Their vacation rental
(b) Her parents
(c) The parents of her deceased husband
(d) Disney land

7. What is in one of the pictures of Graham in the hopes that it will lead the killer to him?
(a) Graham's car license plate
(b) The name of his complex building
(c) Graham's work office
(d) Graham's street address

8. After looking over the file what does Lecter say that the killer goes outside to look at after he has murdered?
(a) The victim's blood in the moonlight
(b) The house with the dead bodies inside
(c) The neighbors watching American Idol
(d) His disfigured face without the harsh daylight

9. What did Graham's stepson see that upset him?
(a) News anchor reporting on Graham
(b) Report on Santa Clause being fake
(c) Description of the victim's deaths
(d) An article in the Tattler

10. Why is Graham scared to see Lecter?
(a) Lecter stinks
(b) The mental danger
(c) The past trauma
(d) The phsyical danger

11. What information does Graham get from Lounds' murder?
(a) The killer is an artist
(b) The killer likes gas
(c) The killer lives within driving distance of New York
(d) The killer hated Lounds

12. What does Francis' stepbrother do to him when Francis comes to live with his mother?
(a) Beats him up
(b) Gives him a wedgie
(c) Threatens to kill him
(d) Tells him he will get the sewing scissors

13. What excuse does Dolarhyde say that he wants the infrared film for?
(a) A zoo
(b) For the police
(c) A party
(d) To catch a garden animal on tape

14. Why does Francis Dolarhyde search his house before he relaxes?
(a) He hears something
(b) Vandalism in the neighborhood
(c) His grandmother's ghost
(d) Recent robberies

15. Why is it presumed that the murderer breaks the mirrors in the house?
(a) The mirrors were dirty
(b) The killer doesn't like himself
(c) The killer believes himself to be disfigured
(d) The killer is vain

Short Answer Questions

1. What information is Lounds able to give the police before he slips into a coma and dies?

2. What does Dolarhyde get out of his basement?

3. What is it that makes Graham glad that Molly can't see him right now?

4. What does Graham teach Molly to do after he has her in a safe place?

5. What does Graham read in the Leeds home that reveals the mother had a biopsy on a lump in her breast?

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