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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dolarhyde get out of his basement?
(a) His prom suit
(b) An old wheelchair
(c) A rocking chair
(d) His grandmother's walker

2. What does Marian's mother do when Marian and her wealthy husband refuse to help her with her bills?
(a) Introduces Francis to everyone that will listen
(b) Slaps Marian
(c) Steals from them
(d) Spreads ugly rumors about Marian's husband

3. What did Graham's stepson see that upset him?
(a) Description of the victim's deaths
(b) News anchor reporting on Graham
(c) Report on Santa Clause being fake
(d) An article in the Tattler

4. What is in one of the pictures of Graham in the hopes that it will lead the killer to him?
(a) Graham's work office
(b) Graham's street address
(c) Graham's car license plate
(d) The name of his complex building

5. Who had Graham been investigating just a year before Graham met his wife, Molly?
(a) The Tooth Fairy
(b) Hannibal Lecter
(c) Jeffrey Dahmer
(d) Buffalo Bill

6. What reason do the police give to explain why the killer covered Mr. Leeds' body?
(a) The killer was related to Mr. Leeds
(b) The killer didn't want Mr. Leeds watching him
(c) The killer has homosexual tendencies
(d) The killer was like a rare fruitcake-extra nuts.

7. What does Wendy say to Graham at the funeral?
(a) That he is a good man
(b) Thanks him
(c) That she loves him
(d) That he is responsible for killing Lound

8. What hinders Graham's investigation of the Jacobis' home, the first murdered family?
(a) Nosey neighbors
(b) Freddie Lounds is following him
(c) The complete remodeling
(d) Graham is getting sick

9. What method is it believed that the "Tooth Fairy" and Lecter plan to use to communicate?
(a) Doctor notes
(b) The Tattler
(c) People Magazine
(d) Police scanners

10. What is Dr. Lecter able to get from Dr. Bloom's assistant?
(a) Information about the murders
(b) A date
(c) Dr. Bloom's home address
(d) Graham's phone number and address

11. Who found the letter to Lecter from the "Tooth Fairy"?
(a) A nurse
(b) Cleaning man
(c) Lecter's mother
(d) Psychiatrist

12. What does Graham read in the Leeds home that reveals the mother had a biopsy on a lump in her breast?
(a) Christmas cards
(b) Mr. Leeds' daily planner
(c) The youngest Leeds' Facebook page
(d) Mrs. Leeds' diary

13. What does Marian tell the baby's father had happened?
(a) The baby was mentally ill
(b) The baby was stolen
(c) She was never pregnant
(d) The baby died

14. Who are the police hoping will show up at Lounds' funeral?
(a) The president
(b) The killer
(c) Lounds' girlfriend
(d) Lounds' informant

15. Why is Graham scared to see Lecter?
(a) The mental danger
(b) Lecter stinks
(c) The past trauma
(d) The phsyical danger

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dolarhyde explain to Lounds that he killed the families?

2. What does the caller call himself when he calls Graham's office?

3. What did the killer break throughout the house?

4. How does Dolarhyde respond when he sees his mother at his grandmother's funeral?

5. What excuse does Dolarhyde say that he wants the infrared film for?

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