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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dolarhyde find when the technician turns on the lights in the room?
(a) She is beautiful
(b) She has a cleft pallet
(c) She is blind
(d) She has a dragon tattoo

2. What is found in the treads of the wheelchair?
(a) Hair fibers
(b) Gardening dirt
(c) Mold
(d) Film ink

3. What does Marian tell the baby's father had happened?
(a) The baby died
(b) She was never pregnant
(c) The baby was stolen
(d) The baby was mentally ill

4. Where does Freddy Lounds work?
(a) People magazine
(b) The zoo
(c) American's today
(d) Tattler tabloid

5. Why do they decide to let the note run as it is?
(a) The police could follow the "Tooth Fairy" with the information
(b) There is no way to decode it in time
(c) It contained no information other than praise
(d) It gave an address to the next victim

6. What do the police in Chicago accuse Graham of?
(a) Setting Lounds up to die
(b) Making the police look incompetent
(c) Not doing his job
(d) Letting the killer slip through his fingers

7. What excuse does Dolarhyde say that he wants the infrared film for?
(a) For the police
(b) To catch a garden animal on tape
(c) A party
(d) A zoo

8. What did Eileen's boyfriend make fun of at a party that Eileen apologizes for?
(a) Graham's colostomy bag
(b) Francis Dolarhyde's scar
(c) Lecter's taste in patients
(d) Francis Dolarhyde's speech impediment

9. What reason does Graham give Lounds for the extra violence inflicted on the women in the families?
(a) The killer was lashing out at his own mother
(b) The killer was a sicko
(c) The killer felt inferior to women
(d) The killer wanted to be a woman

10. What is Graham's main reason for not liking Crawford's plan?
(a) Graham doesn't want to work with Lounds
(b) Graham is afraid of the killer
(c) Graham is worried it might hurt the killer's feelings
(d) Graham doesn't understand this complex plan

11. What information is Lounds able to give the police before he slips into a coma and dies?
(a) An exact description of the killer
(b) The reason the killer kills
(c) A license plate number
(d) The location of the killer's home

12. What reason do the police give to explain why the killer covered Mr. Leeds' body?
(a) The killer was like a rare fruitcake-extra nuts.
(b) The killer didn't want Mr. Leeds watching him
(c) The killer was related to Mr. Leeds
(d) The killer has homosexual tendencies

13. How does Francis' grandmother begin to act when he turns eight?
(a) Weird
(b) Like a queen
(c) Like a Boston lady
(d) Like a Southern belle

14. What does Freddie Lounds want more than anything?
(a) Respect
(b) Power
(c) A girlfriend
(d) Money

15. What do they convince Lecter has happened in order to keep him out of his cell?
(a) A gas leak
(b) A day of mourning for the president
(c) A water leak
(d) A mouse problem

Short Answer Questions

1. What hinders Graham's investigation of the Jacobis' home, the first murdered family?

2. When Graham finds the tree the killer must have used, what two things does Graham find still in it?

3. What is found to be hidden in the message from Lecter?

4. What is it that Graham found in Lecter's office that led him to the realization that Lecter was the killer that Graham had been looking for?

5. Why is Graham scared to see Lecter?

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