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1. What are some of the reasons that Graham initially doesn't want to go help Crawford with the murder investigation?

Graham carries a lot of emotional scars from his encounter with Dr. Lecter. In addition to this Graham is now married and his new wife doesn't want him to go either.

2. What is the first thing that Graham does when he arrives in Atlanta in Chapter 2?

He goes to the Leeds' home. Graham wants to get a feel for the family and the murders. The Leeds family was the second family killed but the murder scene is still intact for Graham to look over. Graham gets the house completely dark so it looks just as it did when the murders were committed.

3. How are the teeth imprints found on the bodies described in Chapter 3?

They are crooked and broken. This gives the police the best lead and the only DNA from the killer that they have. It is because of these teeth impressions that the killer is referred to by some as the Tooth Fairy.

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