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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 53.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Graham whistle at before he leaves?
(a) Crawford
(b) The memory of the dragon
(c) Mockingbird
(d) The remains of the burned house

2. What does Francis' grandmother tell him she will do if he ever wets the bed again?
(a) Cut off his penis
(b) Make him sleep outside
(c) Send him away
(d) Spank him

3. Where is Francis sent shortly after coming to live with his mother?
(a) Millitary school
(b) A foster home
(c) A distant relatives
(d) Boarding school

4. What is in the package that Crawford gives Graham?
(a) A letter from the killer
(b) Probate papers from Jacobi's attorney
(c) A message from Molly
(d) Latest autopsy report

5. What did Reba reach for several times during the night while in the hospital?
(a) A glass of water
(b) Sleeping pills
(c) The television remote
(d) Policewoman's hand

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Crawford come to tell Graham?

2. What does Graham find missing from the Jacobis' belongings?

3. What does the Dragon tell Dolarhyde he must do if he wants help?

4. What is suggested happened to cause the explosion after the house caught on fire?

5. What did Eileen's boyfriend make fun of at a party that Eileen apologizes for?

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