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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 47 | Chapter 48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dolarhyde borrow from Eileen?
(a) Copy of the Tattler
(b) Her cell phone
(c) Hand lotion
(d) A dollar

2. What did the autopsy report state was in Lounds' throat?
(a) Chloroform
(b) Blue granules
(c) A cocoon
(d) Cotton fibers

3. What deadline are the police working against in regard to when the killer will strike next?
(a) Till the killer finishes his next piece of art
(b) Presidential inauguration
(c) Tide change
(d) The full moon

4. What do they convince Lecter has happened in order to keep him out of his cell?
(a) A water leak
(b) A day of mourning for the president
(c) A gas leak
(d) A mouse problem

5. What do the police in Chicago accuse Graham of?
(a) Setting Lounds up to die
(b) Not doing his job
(c) Letting the killer slip through his fingers
(d) Making the police look incompetent

Short Answer Questions

1. When Graham listens to the tape of Lounds made by the killer what does Lounds say about "the dragon"?

2. What does Dolarhyde NOT have in his huge ledger that he got at the bankruptcy sale?

3. What does Crawford hope to do with the help of Lounds?

4. What does Reba do when she realizes the room is on fire?

5. What does Lounds first believe to be in the thermos?

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