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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39 | Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the police in Chicago accuse Graham of?
(a) Not doing his job
(b) Making the police look incompetent
(c) Setting Lounds up to die
(d) Letting the killer slip through his fingers

2. Why does Dolarhyde explain that it would be better for Reba to let him give her a ride home rather than wait on the bus?
(a) Their are weirdos on the bus
(b) The bus is too expensive
(c) It is raining
(d) The bus will take to long to get to her house

3. What information does Graham get from Lounds' murder?
(a) The killer is an artist
(b) The killer likes gas
(c) The killer hated Lounds
(d) The killer lives within driving distance of New York

4. What does the symbol carved in the tree represent on the mah-jongg piece?
(a) The "Blue Tigger"
(b) The "Man that is Mentaly Unstable"
(c) The "Bloody Angel"
(d) The "Red Dragon"

5. What does Dolarhyde contemplate doing in order to save Reba from the Dragon?
(a) Scare her away
(b) Hang himself
(c) Cut the dragon out of himself
(d) Shoot himself

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Francis' grandmother threaten to do when she hears that Francis was naked with a neighbor girl?

2. What does Crawford's boss push Graham to create?

3. Who does Dolarhyde write a letter to?

4. Why is Graham scared to see Lecter?

5. What information do Graham and the police decide to keep from the press?

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