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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25 | Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Francis' grandmother tell him she will do if he ever wets the bed again?
(a) Send him away
(b) Spank him
(c) Make him sleep outside
(d) Cut off his penis

2. What does Dolarhyde write the letter on?
(a) Quick dissolving toilet paper
(b) Stationary from the victim's house
(c) Company letter head
(d) Bloody paper

3. What does Dolarhyde NOT have in his huge ledger that he got at the bankruptcy sale?
(a) Pieces of scalp
(b) Pictures of his grandmother
(c) Articles related to his becoming activities
(d) Snippets of his own writings

4. What information does Graham get from Lounds' murder?
(a) The killer likes gas
(b) The killer hated Lounds
(c) The killer lives within driving distance of New York
(d) The killer is an artist

5. Where does Molly want to take her son and go live?
(a) Their vacation rental
(b) The parents of her deceased husband
(c) Her parents
(d) Disney land

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason do the police give to explain why the killer covered Mr. Leeds' body?

2. Why does Dolarhyde explain to Lounds that he killed the families?

3. What information do Graham and the police decide to keep from the press?

4. When the police have the call from the Pilgrim traced, who do they find making the call?

5. What does Dolarhyde borrow from Eileen?

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