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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21 | Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the symbol carved in the tree represent on the mah-jongg piece?
(a) The "Man that is Mentaly Unstable"
(b) The "Blue Tigger"
(c) The "Bloody Angel"
(d) The "Red Dragon"

2. What information is Lounds able to give the police before he slips into a coma and dies?
(a) The reason the killer kills
(b) An exact description of the killer
(c) A license plate number
(d) The location of the killer's home

3. After looking over the file what does Lecter say that the killer goes outside to look at after he has murdered?
(a) The house with the dead bodies inside
(b) His disfigured face without the harsh daylight
(c) The neighbors watching American Idol
(d) The victim's blood in the moonlight

4. What reason do the police give to explain why the killer covered Mr. Leeds' body?
(a) The killer was related to Mr. Leeds
(b) The killer was like a rare fruitcake-extra nuts.
(c) The killer didn't want Mr. Leeds watching him
(d) The killer has homosexual tendencies

5. What is found to be hidden in the message from Lecter?
(a) Instructions on how to get Lecter out
(b) Where to find Lecter's notes
(c) Graham's home address
(d) Lecter's praise for the "Tooth Fairy's" fine work

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Graham go to do before the Tattler runs?

2. What did Freddy Lounds take pictures of that angered Graham in the past?

3. What does Crawford hope to do with the help of Lounds?

4. What does Graham do now that he is retired from the F.B.I.?

5. What does Graham put on to watch while in the Leeds home?

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