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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 49.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Crawford's boss push Graham to create?
(a) Profile of the killer
(b) A set method of attack from the killer
(c) The state of mind of the family during the attack
(d) A collage to show the killer's mind set

2. What do they convince Lecter has happened in order to keep him out of his cell?
(a) A day of mourning for the president
(b) A gas leak
(c) A mouse problem
(d) A water leak

3. What is done to punish Lecter for helping the "Tooth Fairy"?
(a) Lecter looses his dessert
(b) His books are taken away
(c) He is put in restraints
(d) Lecter is put in solitary confinement

4. When Graham finds the tree the killer must have used, what two things does Graham find still in it?
(a) Chewing gum and the killer's initials carved in the tree
(b) Coke can and a symbol carved in the tree
(c) A symbol carved in the tree and a Hostess wrapper
(d) A late light bill and a list of people to kill

5. What does Francis' stepbrother do to him when Francis comes to live with his mother?
(a) Beats him up
(b) Gives him a wedgie
(c) Tells him he will get the sewing scissors
(d) Threatens to kill him

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the police in Chicago accuse Graham of?

2. What do the majority of the people at Lounds' funeral believe about Graham?

3. What does Lecter ask for after Graham is gone?

4. Where does Dolarhyde go?

5. What does the Jacobi lawyer tell Graham the Jacobi son had done with most of the items he took from the home?

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