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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33 | Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dr. Lecter able to get from Dr. Bloom's assistant?
(a) A date
(b) Graham's phone number and address
(c) Information about the murders
(d) Dr. Bloom's home address

2. What deadline are the police working against in regard to when the killer will strike next?
(a) Tide change
(b) Presidential inauguration
(c) The full moon
(d) Till the killer finishes his next piece of art

3. What does Francis' grandmother threaten to do when she hears that Francis was naked with a neighbor girl?
(a) Kill him
(b) Get the sewing scissors
(c) Spank him
(d) Send him away

4. What does Dolarhyde do with part of the infrared film?
(a) Hides it under his bed
(b) Uses it to spy on his neighbor
(c) Uses it on Reba
(d) Gives it to the zoo

5. What happens when Francis' mother finds out about the condition of Francis' grandmother?
(a) The mother sends the state in to take controll of the estate
(b) The mother comes and hires extra help for the house
(c) The mother has them disowned
(d) The grandmother is sent to a nursing home

Short Answer Questions

1. Who found the letter to Lecter from the "Tooth Fairy"?

2. What is Lecter promised in return for looking at the murder case for Graham?

3. Where is Francis sent shortly after coming to live with his mother?

4. Where does Dolarhyde pick up a copy of the Tattler?

5. How does Francis' grandmother begin to act when he turns eight?

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