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This city is where the first family is murdered.


This city is where the second family is murdered.

Washington, DC

This is where FBI headquarters is located. Graham spends much of his time here, working with the various forensics people while he is searching for the Tooth Fairy.

Marathon, Florida

This is where Graham is living since leaving his job as a forensics expert with the FBI. This is also where Lecter sends Dolarhyde to kill Graham.

St. Louis, Missouri

This is where Dolarhyde works, and where Gateway Film Laboratory is located.

Chicago, Illinois

This is where Freddie Lounds lives and works, and where The National Tattler is located.

The Tooth Fairy

This is the nickname given to the killer by the press after it is released to them that the killer bites the wives/mothers of the families he murders.

Dolarhyde's House in St. Charles

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