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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


Graham is working with the FBI. There may be words used to talk about the case and murders that the reader doesn't immediately understand. The objective of his lesson is to promote student reading comprehension.


1) Discussion: Ask students to select a word from the previous night's reading that they didn't immediately understand. How did the student come to understand the meaning of that word? Talk about word comprehension methods and the need to understand what is being read.

2) Classwork: Write a paragraph on a general knowledge topic with which students will be familiar. Exchange three or four words for some other word with an entirely different meaning. For example, instead of saying "The cow jumped over the moon," say, "The cow 'sneakered' over the moon." Talk about the association from the word "jump" to "feet" to "sneakers" as being how that word came to be...

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