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James Thompson
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Short Answer Questions

1. After the incident with Eggleston's body, where does Pat go?

2. According to Lila, what is wrong with her car?

3. What did Lila do for Doc in the past?

4. What facial expression does Pat get a glimpse of on Madeline's face?

5. What will Pat's room be used for in Chapter 24?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characters who are morally upstanding and those characters who are morally corrupt.

Essay Topic 2

Pat visits the roadhouse diner on two occasions. What is the significance of the roadhouse diner? Use the physical description and the times Pat goes to the diner to guide your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the characters of Doc and Pat. How are their personalities different? How are their life stories different? Are there any similarities between the two men?

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