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James Thompson
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The Roadside Diner - This is where Doc and Pat stop for lunch on the day they met.

Luther Psychological Clinic - This is Pat's place of work before he is told that it no longer exists.

Capital City - This is a large urban area that is slum-like.

Sandstone State Reformatory - This is the name of the place where Pat was incarcerated for fifteen years.

The National Phalanx - This is a national ultra-patriotic conservative political organization.

Doc Luther's Apartments - This is an old two-story house where Pat, Doc and Lila live.

The State Capitol - Myrtle Briscoe, Senator Burkman, and other senators have offices in this building.

Striae - This is the name Pat gives Madeline's stretch marks.

Survey Forms - Pat 's only task as a highway commissioner is to fill out these:

Pat's Used 1942 Automobile - This item was purchased under...

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