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James Thompson
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Doc Luther)


Chapter 1

The novel begins, and the reader is introduced to Doc Luther. Doc peruses some papers in his office on the subject of a Mr.

Pat Cosgrove. Pat, a man seeking parolement. A scheme of some sort, of which involves Pat, is hinted at. As this novel is of the mystery crime genre, this lesson will discuss how the author builds intrigue and suspense in the introductory chapter of the novel.


1) Class discussion - After reading the first chapter, discuss with the class how the author builds intrigue and mystery in the first chapter. For example, what questions can be raised about the relationship between Doc and Lila? What is Doc going to do with the insurance policies? Why does Pat's likeability matter to Doc?

2) Group discussion - Divide the class into small groups and discuss the following: Discuss why the author would use suspense...

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