Recoil Fun Activities

James Thompson
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Recreate a Scene

In a group, recreate a scene or two from the novel. Choose one of the following:

a) The events leading up to Pat's arrest.

b)The events leading up to Doc's move to Capitol City.

c) The events leading up to Doc's power over Lila.

Alternate Ending

Write a one-page alternate ending to the story.

Love Poem

Write a love poem from the perspective of Pat to Madeline after he finds out that she is conspiring with Bill.

Novel Passage

At the end of the novel, it is learned that Lila has become successful by selling her life story. Pretend you are Lila, and write a paragraph in first person perspective of some event that happened in Lila's life.


Using the description of the house where Pat, Lila and Doc lives, draw what you imagine the house to look like. Include a floor plan...

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