Recoil Character Descriptions

James Thompson
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Patrick (Pat) M. Cosgrove (AKA, Red, Airplane Red) - This character's nickname is "Airplane Red."

Doctor (Doc) Roland Luther - This character's physical description includes bulging eyes, thick glasses, and protruding teeth.

Lila Luther - This character accidentally killed her husband by giving him too much medicine.

Madeline Cosgrove nee Luther nee Flournoy - The protagonist describes this character as a heart-stopping beauty, with brown eyes, a small straight nose, shoulder-length brown hair, and a mature, shapely, and "forever young" looking body.

Myrtle Briscoe - This character is the elected state commissioner of corrections.

William (Bill) Hardesty - This character is a corrupt lawyer.

Yancey L. Fish - This character is the warden of Sandstone State Reformatory.

Louise Clements Clay - This character is a governor of a state, which includes Capitol City.

Senator Burkman - This character is a State Senator.

Willie and Henry - These...

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