Recoil Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Thompson
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Chapter 1, Doc Luther

• The reader is introduced to Doc.

• Doc peruses papers that indicate he has sponsored a convict for parole.

Chapter 2, Cosgrove

• The reader is introduced to Pat.

• Doc and Pat stop at a roadhouse diner for lunch.

• Doc tells Pat that he does not have a job for Pat.

Chapter 3

• Doc takes Pat to his new home.

• Senator Burkman gives Pat a job at the Highway Commission.

• Pat learns that Governor Clay was the one who paroled him.

Chapter 4

• Doc takes Pat to downtown Capitol City.

• Doc buys Pat clothes.

• Pat overhears an argument between Doc and another man.

Chapter 5

• Doc introduces Pat to Bill Hardesty, his longtime associate and business partner.

• Doc discovers Pat has an exceptionally good memory.

Chapter 6

• Doc and Pat visit Myrtle Briscoe.

• Myrtle is upset with the parole and tells Pat that he is being taken advantage of.

Chapter 7

• Myrtle, Doc...

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