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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bruce recalls that Bailey ____________________ Nola.
(a) could take or leave.
(b) never noticed.
(c) was deeply attracted to.
(d) had no romantic interest in.

2. Why was Chet's annulled marriage renewed?
(a) They couldn't live without each other.
(b) His wife was pregnant.
(c) Her parents insisted on it.
(d) He went against his parents' wishes.

3. What does Bruce recall about the Mulder family?
(a) They were very poor.
(b) They were itinerant.
(c) They were strict Catholics.
(d) They were good and respectable.

4. Why was Bruce reluctant to leave his mother at home while he went to the prom?
(a) She never got to go anywhere nice.
(b) She had a sick migraine.
(c) She was recovering from breast cancer surgery.
(d) His father had beaten her again.

5. Why is Bruce intrigued by the box given to him by the funeral director?
(a) Aunt Margaret had kept it fo.r many years.
(b) It has old photos taped to the outside.
(c) It is an odd shape.
(d) It is very heavy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What restricted the intimate moments between Bruce and Nola?

2. Where did Bill Binnion advise Bruce to go after college?

3. Who interrupts Bruce and Nola during the activity in #104?

4. What had been the only true aspiration Bruce had for himself?

5. Why do Bruce and Nola not make love during the weekend at the cabin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bruce violate his instincts about bringing any friends into their home?

2. What conclusion does Bruce arrive at regarding Nola's need for a man?

3. What factors must Bruce weigh in making decisions for his future?

4. Other than leaving Nola, what complicated Bruce's decision regarding going to law school?

5. What does Bruce recall about spending time at the Mulders' home?

6. What did Bruce do when it became apparent that Bailey was hitting on Nola?

7. How does the author show Bruce's affections for his mother regarding his going to the prom?

8. What could account for Bruce's high opinion of himself as a young man?

9. What are the contents of the box saved by Aunt Margaret?

10. Why does Bruce think more about his time with Nola than Chet when he returned for Chet's funeral?

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