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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Bruce been caring for his elderly aunt?
(a) Financially.
(b) He does not care for her.
(c) She lives in his home.
(d) He visits her in the nursing home.

2. Who was Bruce's brother?
(a) Randy.
(b) Chet.
(c) Stephen.
(d) Mark.

3. What does Bruce find amusing about the location in #6?
(a) It has extended happy hour.
(b) It has a quirky name.
(c) It is open all night.
(d) It was the home of some friends long ago.

4. Why does a girl's boyfriend get mad at Bruce?
(a) He stole money from his wallet.
(b) He stepped on his new shoes.
(c) He touched his girlfriend inappropriately.
(d) He kissed his girlfriend.

5. Who had once lived in the structure in #61?
(a) Toni.
(b) Cecily.
(c) Nola.
(d) Ava.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bruce identifies the accent of the person in #49 as being from __________________.

2. Where had Bruce's mother made his father get him a summer membership?

3. What does Nola always need in her life?

4. What had Bruce thought he would be at the location in #86?

5. How does Bruce spend most of his time now?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bruce find amusing about the building the funeral home is housed in?

2. How does the episode of Bruce touching the girl's breast show what a simple time he lived in?

3. Why does Bruce hate his father for his mother's sake?

4. What prompts Bruce to think of Jack Bailey and what does he recall regarding Jack being a cad with women?

5. How does Bruce distinguish between Young Bruce and Mature Bruce?

6. What is the nature of Bruce's father's work?

7. What prompts Bruce to recall a time he worked as a busboy at a restaurant on a lake.

8. What was the importance of the tennis club in Bruce's life?

9. What happens when the girl's boyfriend realizes that Bruce has gotten fresh with her?

10. Why does Bruce hate his father for his own sake?

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