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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bruce realizes the box was not packed by Aunt Margaret but had been returned to him from _______________.
(a) Nola.
(b) Jim.
(c) Bud.
(d) Holly.

2. How had Bruce viewed Joe's father when Bruce was a boy?
(a) As a bum.
(b) As a hero.
(c) As unattainable.
(d) As an average guy.

3. What religion did Nola's family practice?
(a) Catholic.
(b) Jewish.
(c) Mormon.
(d) Presbyterian.

4. What complicates Bruce's post-college decision?
(a) Mrs. Mason is terminally ill.
(b) Mr. Mulder offers shares in the business.
(c) Mr. Mason is killed in a car accident.
(d) Nola is pregnant.

5. Where can Bruce and Nola spend a night alone together?
(a) The ranch of one of Nola's relatives.
(b) The Mulders' guest house.
(c) A cheap hotel.
(d) A bed and breakfast.

6. Who was Bill Binnion?
(a) Bruce's English professor.
(b) Bruce's godfather.
(c) Bruce's first boss.
(d) Bruce's football coach.

7. Bruce recalls that Bailey ____________________ Nola.
(a) had no romantic interest in.
(b) was deeply attracted to.
(c) never noticed.
(d) could take or leave.

8. Why had Nola's ex-boyfriend come to visit her?
(a) To say goodbye before going to New York.
(b) To see if she could love him again.
(c) To return some of her things.
(d) To ask her to marry him.

9. Bruce recalls that he had gone home in January for what reason?
(a) Mr. Mason died.
(b) To celebrate the new year.
(c) Chet died.
(d) Nola got married.

10. What would be Bruce's biggest reason for staying in Salt Lake City?
(a) Homesickness.
(b) His friends and Nola.
(c) His inheritance.
(d) A good job.

11. Why was Bruce reluctant to leave his mother at home while he went to the prom?
(a) His father had beaten her again.
(b) She never got to go anywhere nice.
(c) She had a sick migraine.
(d) She was recovering from breast cancer surgery.

12. With whom did Nola eventually run away?
(a) Joe.
(b) Bruce.
(c) Chet.
(d) Bailey.

13. What did Bruce tell Nola to try to lift her spirits?
(a) They could run away tonight.
(b) They would have time together over the summer.
(c) They could get married tonight.
(d) She could go back to school with him.

14. What happens when Bruce knocks on the door of the house?
(a) He does not knock on the door.
(b) No one answers.
(c) He wakes everybody in the house next door.
(d) A new family lives there.

15. What does Mature Bruce think of Nola now?
(a) She was an uneducated woman.
(b) She was heartless.
(c) She was the love of his life.
(d) She was brilliant in every way.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Chet's annulled marriage renewed?

2. Where did Bill Binnion advise Bruce to go after college?

3. Nola's family's business was ________________.

4. Which one of Bruce's friends goes with Bruce and Nola to a cabin one weekend?

5. What was the reason Nola ran off with the person in #158?

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