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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose home does Bruce walk to in Part 2, Chapter 1?
(a) The Mulders.
(b) The Sandersons.
(c) The Morgans.
(d) The Clarks.

2. Why is Bruce intrigued by the box given to him by the funeral director?
(a) Aunt Margaret had kept it fo.r many years.
(b) It is an odd shape.
(c) It has old photos taped to the outside.
(d) It is very heavy.

3. Who interrupts Bruce and Nola during the activity in #104?
(a) Joe.
(b) Chet.
(c) JJ.
(d) Bruce's father.

4. What religion did the Mulders practice?
(a) Catholic.
(b) Jewish.
(c) Mormon.
(d) Baptist.

5. The box contains two stacks of letters, an envelope filled with pictures and _______________.
(a) Three books.
(b) A dried corsage.
(c) A yearbook.
(d) A rosary.

6. What does Bruce believe about Nola and the first time he made love to her?
(a) She was a virgin.
(b) She was not a virgin.
(c) She was ecstatic.
(d) She was terrified.

7. What is the subject of the pictures that Bruce sees in the box?
(a) High school graduation.
(b) Nola's sister's wedding.
(c) The homecoming game.
(d) Holly's wedding.

8. What happens when Bruce knocks on the door of the house?
(a) He wakes everybody in the house next door.
(b) No one answers.
(c) He does not knock on the door.
(d) A new family lives there.

9. Why was Bruce anxious to leave Nola's sister's wedding?
(a) To get away from her crazy relatives.
(b) To change into comfortable clothes.
(c) To spend the night with Nola.
(d) To get back to school.

10. Why did Joe once shove Bailey into a trash can?
(a) For breaking his new ball bat.
(b) For kissing his sister.
(c) For squealing on him about test answers.
(d) For hitting on the girlfriend of the tennis club manager.

11. What does Mature Bruce think of Nola now?
(a) She was an uneducated woman.
(b) She was the love of his life.
(c) She was heartless.
(d) She was brilliant in every way.

12. How had Bruce viewed Joe's father when Bruce was a boy?
(a) As a hero.
(b) As a bum.
(c) As unattainable.
(d) As an average guy.

13. What is Bruce doing as Part 3, Chapter 6 begins?
(a) Dreaming.
(b) Bathing.
(c) Eating.
(d) Reading.

14. Why did Bruce leave at the end of the summer?
(a) To return to law school.
(b) To start his residency.
(c) To hike around Europe.
(d) To work on the railroad.

15. Who had Bruce given the item in #110 to wear?
(a) Nola.
(b) Joe.
(c) Jim.
(d) Chet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mature Bruce think that Nola would not have appreciated?

2. Why had Nola's ex-boyfriend come to visit her?

3. After what event had the person in #127 written the letter?

4. Who was Bill Binnion?

5. What was the nature of the relationship between Bruce and the person in #105?

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