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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapters 3-4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other girl does Bruce recall from his younger days?
(a) Marie.
(b) Jenny.
(c) Ava.
(d) Nola.

2. What does Bruce's aunt's death mean to him?
(a) He will be free of any more family obligations.
(b) He is devastated.
(c) He is too distraught to plan her funeral.
(d) She was the only person who ever loved him.

3. Why does Bruce cry while he works on his project?
(a) He wants to stay up later.
(b) He is so angry at his father.
(c) He got a bad grade on a test.
(d) His best friend moved away.

4. To what city does Bruce travel to plan his aunt's funeral?
(a) Salt Lake City.
(b) Denver.
(c) Sacramento.
(d) Provo.

5. Why does Bruce hate his father?
(a) Because he is cruel to Bruce's mother.
(b) Because he beats him every day.
(c) Because he is having an affair.
(d) Because he bashed in his bicycle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose phone number does the funeral director give Bruce?

2. What does the breeze from the mountain remind Bruce of?

3. Why does one of Bruce's father's customers leave early?

4. Which friend did Bruce hate when he left Salt Lake City years ago?

5. In addition to the person in #19, who else would Bruce like to see on this trip?

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