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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapters 4-5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose home does Bruce walk to in Part 2, Chapter 1?
(a) The Clarks.
(b) The Sandersons.
(c) The Mulders.
(d) The Morgans.

2. Where did Bruce have the job mentioned in #52?
(a) The south side of town.
(b) His neighborhood block.
(c) His neighborhood store.
(d) A restaurant on a lake.

3. Bruce recalls that he was a/an _____________ teenager.
(a) athletic.
(b) troubled.
(c) sex-crazed.
(d) gawky.

4. How does the person in #49 respond to Bruce's advice?
(a) Ignores him.52?
(b) Rudely.
(c) Warmly.
(d) Enthusiastically.

5. Why does a girl's boyfriend get mad at Bruce?
(a) He stepped on his new shoes.
(b) He stole money from his wallet.
(c) He touched his girlfriend inappropriately.
(d) He kissed his girlfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had Bruce spent his career as a diplomat?

2. What was the nature of the relationship between Bruce and the person in #105?

3. Who had once lived in the structure in #61?

4. What does Bruce's mother want him to do after he walked home from work?

5. Bruce recalls that he had gone home in January for what reason?

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