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Glenroe Forest, Scotland. - Home of the main character and her family.

Jacobites. - English who are loyal to King James and want to see Prince Charles regain the throne.

Holyrood, Edinburgh. - This beautiful home returns to the Stuarts after a swift battle against English troops.

Isle of Skye. - This is the home of Brigham's grandmother and the place where refuge is taken after the war is lost.

Glenfinnan. - This is the home of the MacDonald clan.

Sassenach. - Scottish slang for dirty Englishman.

Claymore. - This is a Scottish sword used in battle.

Dragoons. - These are British soldiers.

Black Watch. - These Scots are loyal to England.

Bairn. - This is the Scottish word for baby.

Laird. - This is the Scottish word for landowner.

Plaid. - This is a woolen garment woven in a specific design. Each Scottish clan has their...

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