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Glenroe Forest, Scotland.

Home of the main character and her family.


English who are loyal to King James and want to see Prince Charles regain the throne.

Holyrood, Edinburgh.

This beautiful home returns to the Stuarts after a swift battle against English troops.

Isle of Skye.

This is the home of Brigham's grandmother and the place where refuge is taken after the war is lost.


This is the home of the MacDonald clan.


Scottish slang for dirty Englishman.


This is a Scottish sword used in battle.


These are British soldiers.

Black Watch.

These Scots are loyal to England.


This is the Scottish word for baby.


This is the Scottish word for landowner.


This is a woolen garment woven in a specific design. Each Scottish clan has their own design.

Drumossie moor.

The location of the battle where the Scottish lose...

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