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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Alfonso Arau in Toronto?
(a) premiering his movie, Como Agua Para Chocolate
(b) introducing his wife to movie makers
(c) checking out ideas for his new movie
(d) being honored as a stary in EL MARIACHI

2. What does ICM want to do with Rodriguez' diary?
(a) keep hit hidden from the press
(b) publish it as a book
(c) use it in his press releases
(d) make it into a movie

3. Why does the Grammy Awards show EL MARIACHI at its party?
(a) because they can get it cheap
(b) because they want to draw in Spanish speakers
(c) because it is about a musician
(d) because the music is original

4. What possibly could cause people to warn Rodriguez about the public?
(a) playing mind games with Rodriguez
(b) perhaps his media overexposure
(c) his ethnic background
(d) jealousy

5. Making his speech, why does Rodriguez try to be as precise and technical as possible?
(a) so people will be impressed with his knowledge
(b) so his knees will stop shaking
(c) so people understand how he made the movie
(d) so the speech will be as short as possible

6. For what is Rodriguez solicited after his speech at Sundance?
(a) for interviews and panels
(b) for contract negotiations
(c) for book deals
(d) for charity endorsements

7. Where does Rodriguez set the record straight in an interview?
(a) on Larry King Live
(b) in the LA Times
(c) for the Hollywood Reporter
(d) on the Tonight Show

8. Besides the screening of his film, what bothers Rodriguez at the film festival?
(a) He has to reveal his secrets.
(b) He has to give a speech before the movie starts.
(c) A large photo of him is up in the lobby.
(d) He has to answer questions at the end.

9. Who is the first celebrity Rodriguez meets on a movie set?
(a) Arnold Schwarzenegger
(b) Angela Landsbury
(c) Pee Wee Herman
(d) Bruce Willis

10. Why does Rodriguez want to explain his process to the world?
(a) to let people know anyone can make a movie
(b) to teach a moral lesson
(c) to bring down the Hollywood moguls
(d) to let people know what a genius he is

11. What does Rodriguez' life seem like after making it in Hollywood?
(a) like a nightmare
(b) like a disaster
(c) like a whirlwind
(d) like a fairy tale

12. Why does Rodriguez travel all over the U.S.A.?
(a) to promote his book
(b) to look for stories to make into movies
(c) the movie is being released nationally
(d) to find some new locations

13. Where is Rodriguez invited to show his movie?
(a) in Mexico
(b) at a major cinema
(c) at two film festivals
(d) in a private screening room

14. Why does Rodriguez do the subtitling himself?
(a) It would take 6 months to complete.
(b) It would add $15,000 to the cost of making the film
(c) It would take 3 weeks and cost $3000.
(d) Only he understands the real meaning of the words.

15. What does the movie poster prove to Rodriguez, Peter, and Gallardo?
(a) that they were right all along
(b) that they are no longer in Mexico
(c) that this was not all a dream
(d) that they will make a sequel

Short Answer Questions

1. What fear of Rodriquez' returns before the screening of his film?

2. What does Columbia do when Rodriguez turns down a $100,000 offer?

3. From whom does Rodriguez learn about professional jealousy in the world of filmmaking?

4. What is happening with Columbia Pictures?

5. Where does Rodriguez get the studio to do the first release of his movie?

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