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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Rodriguez run into again in Toronto?
(a) Quentin Tarantino
(b) Jay Leno
(c) George Lucas
(d) Stephen Speilberg

2. What is Rodriguez eager to make?
(a) as much money as possible
(b) new friends in the movie industry
(c) low budget film where he does everything
(d) the kind of movies he could make with a real budget

3. What does Rodriguez classify as the main reason for professional incompetence in making movies?
(a) not much innovation
(b) lack of vision
(c) too much technical training
(d) the waste of money

4. What does Newman tell Rodriguez about the major film companies in Hollywood?
(a) He cannot get in the door.
(b) He needs to remake the film for them.
(c) None of them like it.
(d) All of them are interested.

5. Even though enormous sums of money are being dangled in front of him, what is Rodriguez' actual financial condition?
(a) independently wealthy
(b) working two jobs to make ends meet
(c) comfortable
(d) penniless

6. What does EL MARIACHI win at Sundance?
(a) the Jury Award
(b) the Audience Award prize
(c) the Golden Globe
(d) the Governor's Award

7. What does the movie poster prove to Rodriguez, Peter, and Gallardo?
(a) that they were right all along
(b) that they will make a sequel
(c) that they are no longer in Mexico
(d) that this was not all a dream

8. What does Columbia do when Rodriguez turns down a $100,000 offer?
(a) raises the offer to $150,000.
(b) lowers its final offer
(c) backs out on the deal
(d) calls his agents

9. What is happening with Columbia Pictures?
(a) They are refusing Rodriguez's demands.
(b) Contracts are being negotiated for El Mariachi.
(c) Counter offers are being made.
(d) They are debating whether to buy the film.

10. What does John Watson, a producer, tell Rodriguez?
(a) He will never repeat what he did in EL MARIACHI.
(b) He may just be a flash in the pan.
(c) The public will inevitably turn on him.
(d) The popularity of the movie will work against him.

11. In the meantime, what happens with the short film, Bedhead?
(a) It gets lost in the mail.
(b) It gets shown on German TV.
(c) It gets honorable mention at another film festival.
(d) It ties for first place at another festival.

12. What does Rodriguez have in addition to his large office at Columbia?
(a) an office on Rodeo Drive
(b) use of a private jet
(c) a corporation based in Texas called Los Hooligans Productions, Inc
(d) a house in Burbank, CA

13. Even though there is talk of releasing the original film, El Mariachi, what does Rodriguez want?
(a) Rodriguez wants to show it free on Spanish TV.
(b) Rodriguez would rather do a remake.
(c) Rodgriguez wants to shoot some additional scenes.
(d) Rodriquez wants to keep it as a test film.

14. Who goes with Rodriguez to Toronto?
(a) Elizabeth
(b) Gallardo
(c) Alfonzo
(d) Newman

15. What write-up does Rodriguez particularly appreciate?
(a) Mr. Blackwell's approval of his suit
(b) Roger Ebert's article about his movie
(c) Liz Smith's article about his family life
(d) Rex Reed's praise of his article

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Peter and Gallardo at the Sundance festival with Rodriguez?

2. What small luxury does Rodriguez enjoy when he's back in Texas.

3. Besides the screening of his film, what bothers Rodriguez at the film festival?

4. What possibly could cause people to warn Rodriguez about the public?

5. What do the festival organizers decide to do after EL MARIACHI becomes so popular?

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