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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Rodriguez meet Tarantino again?
(a) in the Hollywood Bowl
(b) in a producers' bargaining session with directors
(c) at a Directors' Guild of America meeting
(d) in an interview of young filmmakers

2. What does Rodriguez admit to Jim, a fellow Texan?
(a) that he is a fraud
(b) that he hates film editing
(c) that he hates Hollywood
(d) that he was just lucky

3. After Telluride, where does Rodriguez take his film next?
(a) the Miami Film Festival
(b) the Sundance Film Festival
(c) the Toronto Film Festival
(d) the Los Angeles Film Festival

4. Making his speech, why does Rodriguez try to be as precise and technical as possible?
(a) so people will be impressed with his knowledge
(b) so people understand how he made the movie
(c) so his knees will stop shaking
(d) so the speech will be as short as possible

5. What convinces Columbia that Rodriguez should write a sequel?
(a) Paramount tries to buy Rodriguez' contract.
(b) Demand for the movie to be made in English.
(c) Very positive audience response in the test screening.
(d) Very good notices in the press.

6. What young movie maker is also at the festival screening his film, RESERVOIR DOGS?
(a) Stephen Spielberg
(b) Roger Corman
(c) Quentin Tarantino
(d) John Landis

7. What does Columbia do when Rodriguez turns down a $100,000 offer?
(a) raises the offer to $150,000.
(b) backs out on the deal
(c) lowers its final offer
(d) calls his agents

8. What does EL MARIACHI win at Sundance?
(a) the Governor's Award
(b) the Audience Award prize
(c) the Golden Globe
(d) the Jury Award

9. What does Rodriguez decide he wants, even if he works for Hollywood?
(a) to have his own airplane
(b) to live in Beverly Hills
(c) to work on location in Mexico
(d) to reside in Texas

10. What does John Watson, a producer, tell Rodriguez?
(a) He will never repeat what he did in EL MARIACHI.
(b) The popularity of the movie will work against him.
(c) He may just be a flash in the pan.
(d) The public will inevitably turn on him.

11. What special treatment does Rodriguez receive in Hollywood?
(a) limousines and luxury hotels
(b) free movie passes
(c) introductions to all his favorite stars
(d) tours of the back lots

12. For what is Rodriguez solicited after his speech at Sundance?
(a) for charity endorsements
(b) for interviews and panels
(c) for book deals
(d) for contract negotiations

13. Why are Peter and Gallardo at the Sundance festival with Rodriguez?
(a) They need a vacation.
(b) They are getting paid to attend.
(c) They are jealous of Rodriguez's popularity.
(d) They are both actors in El Mariachi.

14. What are the Columbia people considering after the reception of EL MARIACHI at the film festival?
(a) giving Rodriguez a larger office
(b) scrapping the whole project
(c) releasing the movie nationally
(d) having Rodriguez direct a new movie

15. Who does Rodriguez run into again in Toronto?
(a) Jay Leno
(b) George Lucas
(c) Quentin Tarantino
(d) Stephen Speilberg

Short Answer Questions

1. After what do people start to recognize him on the street?

2. Where does Rodriguez meet Gary Oldman and Francis Ford Coppola?

3. What special invitation is EL MARIACHI given?

4. Who goes with Rodriguez to Toronto?

5. What desperate thing does Rodriguez do while waiting for a check from Columbia?

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