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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What small luxury does Rodriguez enjoy when he's back in Texas.
(a) He has time to plan his next movie.
(b) He takes his wife out to expensive restaurants.
(c) He does not have to go anywhere in the morning.
(d) He drives a brand new car.

2. Why does the Grammy Awards show EL MARIACHI at its party?
(a) because it is about a musician
(b) because the music is original
(c) because they want to draw in Spanish speakers
(d) because they can get it cheap

3. What is the bad news regarding EL MARIACHI?
(a) forty feet of it is destroyed during the transfer process
(b) Columbia decides to go straight to video
(c) some theaters cancel its bookings
(d) Mexican nationals picket the openings

4. What is Rodriguez' last entry in his diary?
(a) These are the kind of days you start a diary for in the first place
(b) Tomorrow is another day.
(c) Who would have believed all that has happened?
(d) This is the end of the EL MARIACHI story.

5. What is said to determine the fate of El Mariachi?
(a) The movie moguls will flip coins for the rights.
(b) El Mariachi will be screened by a selected audience.
(c) Rodriguez must hurry and make a deal.
(d) Public reaction at a private screening will decide.

6. Why does Rodriguez not like to work with professional editors?
(a) He feels that they take too long.
(b) He feels that they do not really love the film
(c) He feels that they are too expensive.
(d) He thinks that are not creative.

7. Why does Rodriguez want to explain his process to the world?
(a) to let people know what a genius he is
(b) to let people know anyone can make a movie
(c) to bring down the Hollywood moguls
(d) to teach a moral lesson

8. What does Rodriguez tell NPR?
(a) He makes movies for the money and fame.
(b) He likes the technical part of movie making the best.
(c) He always knew he would make it to Hollywood.
(d) He thought he would make it to Hollywood.

9. After returning to Texas, which two Hollywood companies contact Rodriguez and want to fly him back to LA?
(a) Sean Penn and Bruce Willis
(b) Disney and Columbia
(c) Warner Bros. and Paramount
(d) Tri-Star and First Artists

10. How does EL MARIACHI do at the Sundance Festival?
(a) It is cancelled
(b) very well
(c) It bombs
(d) so so

11. What convinces Columbia that Rodriguez should write a sequel?
(a) Very positive audience response in the test screening.
(b) Demand for the movie to be made in English.
(c) Paramount tries to buy Rodriguez' contract.
(d) Very good notices in the press.

12. Where does Rodriguez meet Tarantino again?
(a) in a producers' bargaining session with directors
(b) in the Hollywood Bowl
(c) in an interview of young filmmakers
(d) at a Directors' Guild of America meeting

13. What is Rodriguez eager to make?
(a) new friends in the movie industry
(b) the kind of movies he could make with a real budget
(c) low budget film where he does everything
(d) as much money as possible

14. What does Rodriguez have in addition to his large office at Columbia?
(a) a house in Burbank, CA
(b) an office on Rodeo Drive
(c) a corporation based in Texas called Los Hooligans Productions, Inc
(d) use of a private jet

15. What excites Rodriguez on July 8th, two weeks after his 24th birthday?
(a) meeting Antonio Banderas
(b) starting pre-production on a new film
(c) at last receiving his final Columbia contract
(d) finishing the edit on El Mariachi

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rodriguez constantly have to explain?

2. After Telluride, where does Rodriguez take his film next?

3. For what event is Rodriguez driving himself to finish editing El Mariachi?

4. What surprises Rodriguez as he negotiates to do a remake of El Mariachi?

5. What special treatment does Rodriguez receive in Hollywood?

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