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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What new experience excites Rodriguez?
(a) fans asking for autographs
(b) flying first class
(c) being ask to speak to university classes
(d) having a secretary to take his calls

2. What do some skeptics accuse Rodriguez of?
(a) getting the big head
(b) lying about the cost of the movie
(c) plagerism
(d) seeking personal glory

3. What does Rodriguez ask about his per diem in Hollywood?
(a) if he has to give an expense report
(b) if he can keep what he doesn't spend
(c) if it will come out of his royalties
(d) if it will be doubled when his wife joins him

4. What is said to determine the fate of El Mariachi?
(a) The movie moguls will flip coins for the rights.
(b) Rodriguez must hurry and make a deal.
(c) Public reaction at a private screening will decide.
(d) El Mariachi will be screened by a selected audience.

5. What has created so much interest in the movie in Hollywood?
(a) the production values of the film
(b) the unusual plot of the movie
(c) the story of the making of El Mariachi
(d) Rodriguez's brashness

6. What does EL MARIACHI win at Sundance?
(a) the Jury Award
(b) the Audience Award prize
(c) the Golden Globe
(d) the Governor's Award

7. Where does Rodriguez get the studio to do the first release of his movie?
(a) Toronto, Canada
(b) El Paso, Texas
(c) Juarez, Mexico
(d) Austin, Texas

8. What special invitation is EL MARIACHI given?
(a) the Sundance Film Festival
(b) the Venice Film Festival
(c) the Mexico City Film Festival
(d) the National Arts Institute Festival

9. What does Columbia do when Rodriguez turns down a $100,000 offer?
(a) calls his agents
(b) lowers its final offer
(c) raises the offer to $150,000.
(d) backs out on the deal

10. What surprises Rodriguez as he negotiates to do a remake of El Mariachi?
(a) They want unknowns to play the lead roles.
(b) They want to destroy the $7,000 original.
(c) They want to release the original too.
(d) They want to shoot it in 3-D.

11. What is happening with Columbia Pictures?
(a) They are refusing Rodriguez's demands.
(b) Counter offers are being made.
(c) They are debating whether to buy the film.
(d) Contracts are being negotiated for El Mariachi.

12. After what do people start to recognize him on the street?
(a) a spot on Larry King Live
(b) his photo on the cover of People magazine
(c) the premier of El Mariachi
(d) an interview for the LA Times

13. What does a critic say about EL MARIACHI?
(a) He would rather be in Hawaii.
(b) He cannot wait to see it.
(c) He has heard it is amateurish.
(d) He gets bored at festival screenings.

14. What does the movie poster prove to Rodriguez, Peter, and Gallardo?
(a) that they are no longer in Mexico
(b) that they were right all along
(c) that this was not all a dream
(d) that they will make a sequel

15. Who greets Rodriguez and Gallardo when they arrive at the Grammy party?
(a) an army of photographers
(b) Rita Moreno
(c) Miss Universe
(d) the cast of Fame

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rodriguez like to tell interviewers?

2. Why does Rodriguez want to explain his process to the world?

3. What do Rodriguez, Gallardo, and Peter see at the festival for the first time?

4. What small luxury does Rodriguez enjoy when he's back in Texas.

5. What excites Rodriguez on July 8th, two weeks after his 24th birthday?

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