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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Peter and Gallardo at the Sundance festival with Rodriguez?
(a) They need a vacation.
(b) They are getting paid to attend.
(c) They are both actors in El Mariachi.
(d) They are jealous of Rodriguez's popularity.

2. Where does Rodriguez set the record straight in an interview?
(a) in the LA Times
(b) for the Hollywood Reporter
(c) on the Tonight Show
(d) on Larry King Live

3. Even though enormous sums of money are being dangled in front of him, what is Rodriguez' actual financial condition?
(a) penniless
(b) independently wealthy
(c) comfortable
(d) working two jobs to make ends meet

4. Why does Rodriguez want to explain his process to the world?
(a) to let people know anyone can make a movie
(b) to bring down the Hollywood moguls
(c) to let people know what a genius he is
(d) to teach a moral lesson

5. Where does Rodriguez meet Gary Oldman and Francis Ford Coppola?
(a) at the Golden Globe Awards
(b) shopping on Rodeo Drive
(c) at a movie premiere
(d) in the Columbia commissary

6. What excites Rodriguez on July 8th, two weeks after his 24th birthday?
(a) starting pre-production on a new film
(b) at last receiving his final Columbia contract
(c) finishing the edit on El Mariachi
(d) meeting Antonio Banderas

7. What is said to determine the fate of El Mariachi?
(a) Rodriguez must hurry and make a deal.
(b) El Mariachi will be screened by a selected audience.
(c) Public reaction at a private screening will decide.
(d) The movie moguls will flip coins for the rights.

8. What news about Rodriguez spreads fast around Hollywood?
(a) what a pest he makes of himself
(b) how unmarketable his film is
(c) how grainy his film is
(d) his unusual filmmaking and his talent

9. What does Rodriguez like to tell interviewers?
(a) to brag about coming out of poverty
(b) to explain in technical terms how he could make the movie
(c) to talk about other people's movies
(d) to keep his secrets of economical film making to himself

10. What special treatment does Rodriguez receive in Hollywood?
(a) tours of the back lots
(b) introductions to all his favorite stars
(c) limousines and luxury hotels
(d) free movie passes

11. Who does Rodriguez run into again in Toronto?
(a) George Lucas
(b) Stephen Speilberg
(c) Jay Leno
(d) Quentin Tarantino

12. What desperate thing does Rodriguez do while waiting for a check from Columbia?
(a) drives a school bus
(b) sells his car
(c) pawns his video camera
(d) works as a bartender in Texas

13. What does Rodriguez ask about his per diem in Hollywood?
(a) if it will come out of his royalties
(b) if he has to give an expense report
(c) if it will be doubled when his wife joins him
(d) if he can keep what he doesn't spend

14. What has created so much interest in the movie in Hollywood?
(a) Rodriguez's brashness
(b) the production values of the film
(c) the unusual plot of the movie
(d) the story of the making of El Mariachi

15. Where does Rodriguez get the studio to do the first release of his movie?
(a) Toronto, Canada
(b) El Paso, Texas
(c) Austin, Texas
(d) Juarez, Mexico

Short Answer Questions

1. After seeing El Mariachi, what do the agents at ICM want to do?

2. Why does Rodriguez not like to work with professional editors?

3. What write-up does Rodriguez particularly appreciate?

4. What young movie maker is also at the festival screening his film, RESERVOIR DOGS?

5. What does Rodriguez classify as the main reason for professional incompetence in making movies?

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