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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does Rodriguez learn about professional jealousy in the world of filmmaking?
(a) from the professor at the university
(b) from a former colleague
(c) from Antonio Banderas
(d) from Gallardo

2. After what do people start to recognize him on the street?
(a) a spot on Larry King Live
(b) an interview for the LA Times
(c) his photo on the cover of People magazine
(d) the premier of El Mariachi

3. What does Rodriguez classify as the main reason for professional incompetence in making movies?
(a) lack of vision
(b) not much innovation
(c) too much technical training
(d) the waste of money

4. What does Rodriguez ask about his per diem in Hollywood?
(a) if he can keep what he doesn't spend
(b) if it will be doubled when his wife joins him
(c) if it will come out of his royalties
(d) if he has to give an expense report

5. What possibly could cause people to warn Rodriguez about the public?
(a) his ethnic background
(b) jealousy
(c) playing mind games with Rodriguez
(d) perhaps his media overexposure

6. Where does Newman want to send El Mariachi?
(a) to the Argentine film festival
(b) to Spain
(c) to the Cannes Festival
(d) to Antonio Banderas

7. What talk shows is Rodriguez on as a guest?
(a) Good Morning America and Today on NBC
(b) Tonight and Phil Donahue
(c) The Howard Stern Show and Late Night with David Letterman
(d) Meet the Press and Oprah Winfrey

8. Why is Alfonso Arau in Toronto?
(a) premiering his movie, Como Agua Para Chocolate
(b) checking out ideas for his new movie
(c) being honored as a stary in EL MARIACHI
(d) introducing his wife to movie makers

9. Who goes with Rodriguez to Toronto?
(a) Gallardo
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Alfonzo
(d) Newman

10. What young movie maker is also at the festival screening his film, RESERVOIR DOGS?
(a) John Landis
(b) Quentin Tarantino
(c) Stephen Spielberg
(d) Roger Corman

11. What does Rodriguez' life seem like after making it in Hollywood?
(a) like a disaster
(b) like a fairy tale
(c) like a whirlwind
(d) like a nightmare

12. What small luxury does Rodriguez enjoy when he's back in Texas.
(a) He takes his wife out to expensive restaurants.
(b) He has time to plan his next movie.
(c) He does not have to go anywhere in the morning.
(d) He drives a brand new car.

13. What does Rodriguez have in addition to his large office at Columbia?
(a) use of a private jet
(b) a house in Burbank, CA
(c) a corporation based in Texas called Los Hooligans Productions, Inc
(d) an office on Rodeo Drive

14. What is said to determine the fate of El Mariachi?
(a) The movie moguls will flip coins for the rights.
(b) El Mariachi will be screened by a selected audience.
(c) Rodriguez must hurry and make a deal.
(d) Public reaction at a private screening will decide.

15. What is the latest problem with EL MARIACHI?
(a) the sound track is off
(b) some dialog is garbled
(c) a distributor changes the scheduel
(d) the movie needs color correcting

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rodriguez' last entry in his diary?

2. Where does Rodriguez set the record straight in an interview?

3. Why does Rodriguez not like to work with professional editors?

4. For what event is Rodriguez driving himself to finish editing El Mariachi?

5. Who does Rodriguez run into again in Toronto?

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