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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Besides the screening of his film, what bothers Rodriguez at the film festival?
(a) He has to answer questions at the end.
(b) A large photo of him is up in the lobby.
(c) He has to give a speech before the movie starts.
(d) He has to reveal his secrets.

2. What are the Columbia people considering after the reception of EL MARIACHI at the film festival?
(a) releasing the movie nationally
(b) giving Rodriguez a larger office
(c) having Rodriguez direct a new movie
(d) scrapping the whole project

3. Who greets Rodriguez and Gallardo when they arrive at the Grammy party?
(a) Miss Universe
(b) Rita Moreno
(c) the cast of Fame
(d) an army of photographers

4. What do some skeptics accuse Rodriguez of?
(a) lying about the cost of the movie
(b) seeking personal glory
(c) plagerism
(d) getting the big head

5. What is the latest problem with EL MARIACHI?
(a) the sound track is off
(b) a distributor changes the scheduel
(c) the movie needs color correcting
(d) some dialog is garbled

6. What talk shows is Rodriguez on as a guest?
(a) Good Morning America and Today on NBC
(b) Meet the Press and Oprah Winfrey
(c) The Howard Stern Show and Late Night with David Letterman
(d) Tonight and Phil Donahue

7. What does Columbia do when Rodriguez turns down a $100,000 offer?
(a) calls his agents
(b) backs out on the deal
(c) raises the offer to $150,000.
(d) lowers its final offer

8. Why is Rodriguez desperate for Columbia to pay him soon?
(a) He is reluctant to take out a loan.
(b) He won't believe it until the check is in his hand.
(c) He thinks it is all a dream.
(d) He owes money for his school loans.

9. What has created so much interest in the movie in Hollywood?
(a) the story of the making of El Mariachi
(b) Rodriguez's brashness
(c) the unusual plot of the movie
(d) the production values of the film

10. What TV show films him for an entire day?
(a) Entertainment Tonight
(b) 20/20
(c) 60 minutes
(d) Live with David Letterman

11. What is happening with Columbia Pictures?
(a) They are refusing Rodriguez's demands.
(b) Counter offers are being made.
(c) Contracts are being negotiated for El Mariachi.
(d) They are debating whether to buy the film.

12. What is Rodriguez eager to make?
(a) as much money as possible
(b) new friends in the movie industry
(c) low budget film where he does everything
(d) the kind of movies he could make with a real budget

13. What does John Watson, a producer, tell Rodriguez?
(a) He will never repeat what he did in EL MARIACHI.
(b) He may just be a flash in the pan.
(c) The public will inevitably turn on him.
(d) The popularity of the movie will work against him.

14. What are the agents at ICM able to do?
(a) overcome Columbia's refusal to view the movie
(b) get the best bid for El Mariachi from Europe
(c) get Rodriguez the best visitor packages in Hollywood
(d) sell what is technically a foreign movie to a major American film company

15. What does the president of Miramax want to do?
(a) to hire him to write scripts
(b) to shoot a full length film of Bedhead
(c) to purchase and release the original El Mariachi
(d) to buy his next film

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rodriguez want to explain his process to the world?

2. For what event is Rodriguez driving himself to finish editing El Mariachi?

3. What will happen at a test screening of EL MARIACHI?

4. Where does Rodriguez meet Gary Oldman and Francis Ford Coppola?

5. To what news does Rodriguez not really know how to react?

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