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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a critic say about EL MARIACHI?
(a) He gets bored at festival screenings.
(b) He cannot wait to see it.
(c) He has heard it is amateurish.
(d) He would rather be in Hawaii.

2. Even though enormous sums of money are being dangled in front of him, what is Rodriguez' actual financial condition?
(a) working two jobs to make ends meet
(b) penniless
(c) independently wealthy
(d) comfortable

3. What does EL MARIACHI win at Sundance?
(a) the Jury Award
(b) the Governor's Award
(c) the Audience Award prize
(d) the Golden Globe

4. What surprises Rodriguez as he negotiates to do a remake of El Mariachi?
(a) They want to destroy the $7,000 original.
(b) They want to shoot it in 3-D.
(c) They want to release the original too.
(d) They want unknowns to play the lead roles.

5. What desperate thing does Rodriguez do while waiting for a check from Columbia?
(a) pawns his video camera
(b) works as a bartender in Texas
(c) sells his car
(d) drives a school bus

6. After what do people start to recognize him on the street?
(a) a spot on Larry King Live
(b) the premier of El Mariachi
(c) his photo on the cover of People magazine
(d) an interview for the LA Times

7. What young movie maker is also at the festival screening his film, RESERVOIR DOGS?
(a) Stephen Spielberg
(b) Quentin Tarantino
(c) Roger Corman
(d) John Landis

8. What do Rodriguez, Gallardo, and Peter see at the festival for the first time?
(a) the brand new Mariachi poster
(b) the red carpet
(c) the panel of judges
(d) the ballots for audience members

9. What is said to determine the fate of El Mariachi?
(a) Public reaction at a private screening will decide.
(b) The movie moguls will flip coins for the rights.
(c) Rodriguez must hurry and make a deal.
(d) El Mariachi will be screened by a selected audience.

10. Why does Rodriguez not like to work with professional editors?
(a) He feels that they take too long.
(b) He feels that they do not really love the film
(c) He thinks that are not creative.
(d) He feels that they are too expensive.

11. Who greets Rodriguez and Gallardo when they arrive at the Grammy party?
(a) the cast of Fame
(b) an army of photographers
(c) Rita Moreno
(d) Miss Universe

12. Who is the first celebrity Rodriguez meets on a movie set?
(a) Pee Wee Herman
(b) Angela Landsbury
(c) Arnold Schwarzenegger
(d) Bruce Willis

13. What does a theater owner in Austin, Texas, tell Rodriguez he is doing?
(a) He is taking El Mariachi to the Berlin Film Festival.
(b) He is ordering a print of El Mariachi.
(c) He is showing El Miriachi every Saturday at midnight.
(d) He is suing the Mexican film commission.

14. What TV show films him for an entire day?
(a) Entertainment Tonight
(b) 20/20
(c) 60 minutes
(d) Live with David Letterman

15. What is Rodriguez eager to make?
(a) as much money as possible
(b) the kind of movies he could make with a real budget
(c) low budget film where he does everything
(d) new friends in the movie industry

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Columbia do when Rodriguez turns down a $100,000 offer?

2. Where is Rodriguez invited to show his movie?

3. After Telluride, where does Rodriguez take his film next?

4. What excites Rodriguez on July 8th, two weeks after his 24th birthday?

5. Why is Alfonso Arau in Toronto?

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