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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what is Rodriguez solicited after his speech at Sundance?
(a) for charity endorsements
(b) for interviews and panels
(c) for contract negotiations
(d) for book deals

2. What do the festival organizers decide to do after EL MARIACHI becomes so popular?
(a) Take the movie out of the competition.
(b) They decide to add two more screenings.
(c) Get Rodrigues to hold a seminar.
(d) Invite Rodriguez back again next year.

3. Where does Rodriguez meet Tarantino again?
(a) in a producers' bargaining session with directors
(b) in the Hollywood Bowl
(c) at a Directors' Guild of America meeting
(d) in an interview of young filmmakers

4. Why does Rodriguez travel all over the U.S.A.?
(a) to look for stories to make into movies
(b) to promote his book
(c) the movie is being released nationally
(d) to find some new locations

5. What does Rodriguez decide he wants, even if he works for Hollywood?
(a) to work on location in Mexico
(b) to have his own airplane
(c) to live in Beverly Hills
(d) to reside in Texas

6. What special invitation is EL MARIACHI given?
(a) the Venice Film Festival
(b) the Sundance Film Festival
(c) the Mexico City Film Festival
(d) the National Arts Institute Festival

7. What does Newman tell Rodriguez about the major film companies in Hollywood?
(a) All of them are interested.
(b) He needs to remake the film for them.
(c) He cannot get in the door.
(d) None of them like it.

8. Where does Rodriguez set the record straight in an interview?
(a) on the Tonight Show
(b) on Larry King Live
(c) in the LA Times
(d) for the Hollywood Reporter

9. What special treatment does Rodriguez receive in Hollywood?
(a) limousines and luxury hotels
(b) free movie passes
(c) tours of the back lots
(d) introductions to all his favorite stars

10. Where is Rodriguez invited to show his movie?
(a) at a major cinema
(b) in a private screening room
(c) in Mexico
(d) at two film festivals

11. Who greets Rodriguez and Gallardo when they arrive at the Grammy party?
(a) Miss Universe
(b) an army of photographers
(c) Rita Moreno
(d) the cast of Fame

12. What does Rodriguez tell NPR?
(a) He thought he would make it to Hollywood.
(b) He always knew he would make it to Hollywood.
(c) He likes the technical part of movie making the best.
(d) He makes movies for the money and fame.

13. What possibly could cause people to warn Rodriguez about the public?
(a) jealousy
(b) perhaps his media overexposure
(c) playing mind games with Rodriguez
(d) his ethnic background

14. What is happening with Columbia Pictures?
(a) Contracts are being negotiated for El Mariachi.
(b) They are debating whether to buy the film.
(c) Counter offers are being made.
(d) They are refusing Rodriguez's demands.

15. What is Rodriguez' last entry in his diary?
(a) These are the kind of days you start a diary for in the first place
(b) This is the end of the EL MARIACHI story.
(c) Who would have believed all that has happened?
(d) Tomorrow is another day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nearly brings Rodriguez to a breakdown?

2. What does Rodriguez consider paying for out of his per diem?

3. After seeing El Mariachi, what do the agents at ICM want to do?

4. What write-up does Rodriguez particularly appreciate?

5. From whom does Rodriguez learn about professional jealousy in the world of filmmaking?

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