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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rodriguez constantly have to explain?
(a) why he turned down so many offers before
(b) how he managed to keep the cost of production so low
(c) how he got into film making in the first place
(d) why his film became so popular

2. What is happening with Columbia Pictures?
(a) They are debating whether to buy the film.
(b) Counter offers are being made.
(c) They are refusing Rodriguez's demands.
(d) Contracts are being negotiated for El Mariachi.

3. Where does Rodriguez meet Tarantino again?
(a) in a producers' bargaining session with directors
(b) in the Hollywood Bowl
(c) at a Directors' Guild of America meeting
(d) in an interview of young filmmakers

4. Why does Rodriguez not like to work with professional editors?
(a) He thinks that are not creative.
(b) He feels that they take too long.
(c) He feels that they do not really love the film
(d) He feels that they are too expensive.

5. What small luxury does Rodriguez enjoy when he's back in Texas.
(a) He has time to plan his next movie.
(b) He takes his wife out to expensive restaurants.
(c) He does not have to go anywhere in the morning.
(d) He drives a brand new car.

6. After Telluride, where does Rodriguez take his film next?
(a) the Toronto Film Festival
(b) the Los Angeles Film Festival
(c) the Miami Film Festival
(d) the Sundance Film Festival

7. Where does Rodriguez get the studio to do the first release of his movie?
(a) Austin, Texas
(b) Toronto, Canada
(c) Juarez, Mexico
(d) El Paso, Texas

8. What do some skeptics accuse Rodriguez of?
(a) getting the big head
(b) seeking personal glory
(c) lying about the cost of the movie
(d) plagerism

9. What is the bad news regarding EL MARIACHI?
(a) forty feet of it is destroyed during the transfer process
(b) some theaters cancel its bookings
(c) Columbia decides to go straight to video
(d) Mexican nationals picket the openings

10. What fear of Rodriquez' returns before the screening of his film?
(a) getting sick and throwing up
(b) people laughing in the wrong places
(c) movie critics in the audience
(d) failure in front of witnesses

11. To what news does Rodriguez not really know how to react?
(a) the plans to film a sequel
(b) the shelving of the entire project
(c) the national release of El Mariachi
(d) the mention of an Academy Award nomination

12. What does Rodriguez' life seem like after making it in Hollywood?
(a) like a nightmare
(b) like a fairy tale
(c) like a disaster
(d) like a whirlwind

13. What does Rodriguez decide he wants, even if he works for Hollywood?
(a) to work on location in Mexico
(b) to reside in Texas
(c) to have his own airplane
(d) to live in Beverly Hills

14. What does Rodriguez like to tell interviewers?
(a) to talk about other people's movies
(b) to explain in technical terms how he could make the movie
(c) to brag about coming out of poverty
(d) to keep his secrets of economical film making to himself

15. What does EL MARIACHI win at Sundance?
(a) the Governor's Award
(b) the Audience Award prize
(c) the Golden Globe
(d) the Jury Award

Short Answer Questions

1. What special invitation is EL MARIACHI given?

2. What is Rodriguez' last entry in his diary?

3. From whom does Rodriguez learn about professional jealousy in the world of filmmaking?

4. Where does Rodriguez meet Gary Oldman and Francis Ford Coppola?

5. For what is Rodriguez solicited after his speech at Sundance?

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