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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What good luck finally comes to Rodriguez?
(a) making another award winning short film
(b) getting a star for his next movie
(c) landing an agent and a Hollywood contract for El Mariachi
(d) getting a free ticket to New York

2. What does Rodriguez like to tell interviewers?
(a) to keep his secrets of economical film making to himself
(b) to brag about coming out of poverty
(c) to talk about other people's movies
(d) to explain in technical terms how he could make the movie

3. What young movie maker is also at the festival screening his film, RESERVOIR DOGS?
(a) Roger Corman
(b) Stephen Spielberg
(c) John Landis
(d) Quentin Tarantino

4. What does a theater owner in Austin, Texas, tell Rodriguez he is doing?
(a) He is taking El Mariachi to the Berlin Film Festival.
(b) He is ordering a print of El Mariachi.
(c) He is suing the Mexican film commission.
(d) He is showing El Miriachi every Saturday at midnight.

5. What news about Rodriguez spreads fast around Hollywood?
(a) his unusual filmmaking and his talent
(b) what a pest he makes of himself
(c) how unmarketable his film is
(d) how grainy his film is

6. Why does Rodriguez want to explain his process to the world?
(a) to teach a moral lesson
(b) to bring down the Hollywood moguls
(c) to let people know what a genius he is
(d) to let people know anyone can make a movie

7. What excites Rodriguez on July 8th, two weeks after his 24th birthday?
(a) at last receiving his final Columbia contract
(b) finishing the edit on El Mariachi
(c) starting pre-production on a new film
(d) meeting Antonio Banderas

8. What does the president of Miramax want to do?
(a) to shoot a full length film of Bedhead
(b) to buy his next film
(c) to purchase and release the original El Mariachi
(d) to hire him to write scripts

9. After Telluride, where does Rodriguez take his film next?
(a) the Los Angeles Film Festival
(b) the Miami Film Festival
(c) the Toronto Film Festival
(d) the Sundance Film Festival

10. Why does Rodriguez travel all over the U.S.A.?
(a) to look for stories to make into movies
(b) the movie is being released nationally
(c) to promote his book
(d) to find some new locations

11. What does Rodriguez classify as the main reason for professional incompetence in making movies?
(a) the waste of money
(b) lack of vision
(c) too much technical training
(d) not much innovation

12. Even though there is talk of releasing the original film, El Mariachi, what does Rodriguez want?
(a) Rodriquez wants to keep it as a test film.
(b) Rodgriguez wants to shoot some additional scenes.
(c) Rodriguez wants to show it free on Spanish TV.
(d) Rodriguez would rather do a remake.

13. Who greets Rodriguez and Gallardo when they arrive at the Grammy party?
(a) the cast of Fame
(b) Miss Universe
(c) an army of photographers
(d) Rita Moreno

14. What does Newman tell Rodriguez about the major film companies in Hollywood?
(a) None of them like it.
(b) He needs to remake the film for them.
(c) He cannot get in the door.
(d) All of them are interested.

15. Where is Rodriguez invited to show his movie?
(a) in a private screening room
(b) in Mexico
(c) at a major cinema
(d) at two film festivals

Short Answer Questions

1. What does EL MARIACHI win at Sundance?

2. What possibly could cause people to warn Rodriguez about the public?

3. What has created so much interest in the movie in Hollywood?

4. In the meantime, what happens with the short film, Bedhead?

5. What pleases Rodriguez about benefits for others who donated their time and talent to the film?

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