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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Rodriguez overlook small mistakes he notices while shooting El Mariachi?
(a) It is something that he can edit out.
(b) He thinks no one will notice.
(c) He doesn't have money to correct them.
(d) It is supposed to be a practice movie.

2. What does Rodriguez plan to do about using a camera he is not familiar with?
(a) hire a good cameraman
(b) take a crash course
(c) read the owner's manual
(d) improvise and learn the hard way

3. What short Rodriguez film wins the University of Missouri Fine Arts Competition?
(a) Bedhead
(b) The Last Carnival
(c) Redhead
(d) The Mariachi

4. Who is Robert Newman?
(a) a financier
(b) a studio head
(c) an ICM agent
(d) a studio hiring agent

5. What is Rodriguez given in order to edit his film?
(a) a grant for having his movie edited
(b) access to old equipment at the cable station
(c) access to modern editing equipment at the university
(d) good advice from his university professor

6. How does Rodriguez plan to make single shot weapons appear to be semi-automatic?
(a) through prop enhancement
(b) through digital manipuation
(c) through careful editing
(d) though a soft filter lens

7. Why is Rodriguez exhausted before going to Pharmaco?
(a) staying up late every night editing
(b) working hard on his short films and working two jobs
(c) trying to keep his grades up at the University of Texas
(d) traveling back and forth to Mexico

8. How does Rodriguez get his earliest exposure to films?
(a) his hours watching old movies on TV
(b) the inspiration of an English teacher
(c) his mother's love of the movies
(d) his father's job in a movie theater

9. Which company was the only one that seemed to make a reasonable offer for EL MARIACHI?
(a) Film-Mex
(b) Million Dollar Video
(c) Tel-Star
(d) Mex-American

10. What is ICM?
(a) a small fim producing copany
(b) a distribution company
(c) International Cinema Marketing
(d) a major talent agency

11. What does Rodriguez think is the most important thing for attracting a distributor?
(a) an attractive trailer
(b) a big neame star
(c) a higher percentage of the gross profits
(d) a chance to meet the stars

12. Why does the boring work of editing the film begin to get Rodriguez down?
(a) He only likes to work on things he enjoys.
(b) He needs help but has no money left.
(c) He fears he is not up to the task.
(d) He sees too many defects in the film.

13. Because of working with limited equipment and on a tight budget, what skill does Rodriguez develop?
(a) location negotiation skills
(b) improvizational filming skills
(c) previsualization skills
(d) steady handheld camera skills

14. What does Rodriguez decide to do before doing a full edit of the film?
(a) take it to his university professor
(b) ask advice from Quentin Tarantino
(c) take a class on movie editing
(d) make a rough edit at home

15. How does Rodriguez decide to label his film in the credits?
(a) A Small Wonder Production
(b) A Los Hooligans Production
(c) A Gallardo/Rodriguez Production
(d) A Rodgal Production

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the budget for transferring the film to video come in at?

2. How does Rodriguez sum up his pre-production activity for El Mariachi?

3. How does Rodriguez obtain his first VCR?

4. What are Gallardo's contributions to making El Mariachi?

5. Short on money, how to Rodriguez and Gallardo arrange their trip to Los Angeles?

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