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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interests the professor in Rodriquez' work?
(a) that his award-winning short films were done by him alone
(b) that his work shows signs of genius
(c) that he has never won a short film award
(d) that his short films are creative but rough

2. What does Rodriguez think will compensate for any inadequacies in costuming?
(a) his cropping style
(b) his film noir style
(c) his soft focus style
(d) his shooting and editing style

3. What is on Rodriguez' demo tape?
(a) the rough cut version of EL MARIACHI
(b) views of all the film show awards Rodriguez has won
(c) reviews from major critics
(d) BEDHEAD and the trailer of EL MARIACHI

4. What advice does Rodriguez recall as he starts work on his movie?
(a) always hire someone to do the technical jobs
(b) being creative is all you need to succeed
(c) it takes at least $30,000 to make a movie
(d) being creative and technical is better

5. What comes with the next prize Bedhead wins in a film competition?
(a) a school scholarship
(b) a new 16mm movie camera
(c) $700 that he will use in El Mariachi
(d) an offer to go to Hollywood

6. Why is Rodriguez exhausted before going to Pharmaco?
(a) staying up late every night editing
(b) traveling back and forth to Mexico
(c) trying to keep his grades up at the University of Texas
(d) working hard on his short films and working two jobs

7. What do they use for a dolly to move the camera in some scenes?
(a) Rodrigues wearing roller blades.
(b) Rodriguez sitting in a wheel chair.
(c) Rodriguez on a skateboard.
(d) Rodrigues riding on a tricycle.

8. Where does Rodriguez find his photo?
(a) on the post office wall
(b) on the cover of Texas Times
(c) on the film school wall
(d) on the entertainment page of the Express News

9. Why does Rodriguez have to work faster at the cable station?
(a) It is being sold to new owners.
(b) It is moving to another city.
(c) It is about to be closed.
(d) It is going public.

10. What daring thing does Rodriguez do in Hollywood?
(a) takes an ad out in Variety
(b) walks into the office of the president of Warner Bros.
(c) sends his tape to ICM
(d) goes on Jay Leno Show

11. Who helps with shooting the chase scene?
(a) low riders
(b) NASCAR drivers
(c) local teenage drivers
(d) the local police

12. What does the budget for transferring the film to video come in at?
(a) $500 less than the original budget
(b) half of the original budget
(c) only $100
(d) twice what Rodriguez had estimated

13. What does El Mariachi receive on airing its trailer on public access TV?
(a) positive responses from viewers
(b) inquiries about where the film was made
(c) negative reviews by critics
(d) an offer to finance the film

14. Who are the actors in Rodriguez' short film, Bedhead?
(a) schoolmates
(b) homeless people
(c) animals
(d) his siblings

15. How does Rodriguez refer to his operation while making El Mariachi?
(a) el estupido productions
(b) los locos productions
(c) el cheapo productions
(d) la luna productions

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rodriguez decide to do before doing a full edit of the film?

2. Why does Rodriguez determine to stay in the Pharmaco study?

3. How does Rodriguez plan to finish the project early?

4. How does Rodriguez sum up his pre-production activity for El Mariachi?

5. What inspires Rodriguez enough to do two takes of one scene?

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