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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Short on money, how to Rodriguez and Gallardo arrange their trip to Los Angeles?
(a) hopping a freight car to LA and sleeping in a park
(b) taking the bus to Los Angeles and staying at the YMCA
(c) driving to Los Angeles and staying at a friend's place
(d) hitchhiking to Los Angeles

2. What offer does a Spanish action movie production company make to Rodriguez and Gallardo?
(a) to make a Spanish video action movie for him for $30,000
(b) to buy all their short films
(c) to go on the company's payroll as directors
(d) to send them to a Mexican film school

3. What makes it necessary to improvise?
(a) the lack of experience
(b) the lack of time
(c) the lack of funds
(d) the lack of actors

4. In his TV interview, what does Rodriguez give the viewers?
(a) offers to hold movie making classes
(b) free copies of his CD
(c) stand up comedy jokes about movie making
(d) tips about creating a film with a limited budget

5. What comes with the next prize Bedhead wins in a film competition?
(a) $700 that he will use in El Mariachi
(b) a new 16mm movie camera
(c) an offer to go to Hollywood
(d) a school scholarship

6. How does Rodriguez get his earliest exposure to films?
(a) his father's job in a movie theater
(b) the inspiration of an English teacher
(c) his hours watching old movies on TV
(d) his mother's love of the movies

7. What does Rodriguez plan to do about using a camera he is not familiar with?
(a) take a crash course
(b) read the owner's manual
(c) improvise and learn the hard way
(d) hire a good cameraman

8. What interests the professor in Rodriquez' work?
(a) that his short films are creative but rough
(b) that he has never won a short film award
(c) that his award-winning short films were done by him alone
(d) that his work shows signs of genius

9. Which scenes of El Mariachi are shot first?
(a) the musical scenes
(b) the gunfight scenes in the jail
(c) those with Reinol Martinez, the man who plays Azul
(d) the swimming pool scenes

10. Where does Rodriguez find his photo?
(a) on the film school wall
(b) on the entertainment page of the Express News
(c) on the post office wall
(d) on the cover of Texas Times

11. Why is Rodriguez exhausted before going to Pharmaco?
(a) trying to keep his grades up at the University of Texas
(b) working hard on his short films and working two jobs
(c) traveling back and forth to Mexico
(d) staying up late every night editing

12. How much do Rodriguez and Gallardo estimate it will take to make their movie?
(a) $700
(b) $30,000
(c) $10,000
(d) $8,000

13. Why does Rodriguez determine to stay in the Pharmaco study?
(a) to get the rest he needs
(b) to prove that he is a man
(c) to keep from having to borrow money
(d) to get out of going to class

14. Heading back to Texas after failing to sign a contract, what does Rodriguez tell himself?
(a) A contract will come from New York.
(b) It will come through and he will do everything by mail.
(c) Something good will come from his failure.
(d) He can raise more money and go back again.

15. What bores Rodriguez the most during the study?
(a) the inane conversation of other lab rats
(b) the slow pace of life at Pharmaco
(c) the tasteless food they have to eat
(d) the reruns of old TV movies

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rodriguez have to go personally to ICM?

2. What does he learn how to do because of needing to do only one take of a scene?

3. Who is Robert Newman?

4. Why does the boring work of editing the film begin to get Rodriguez down?

5. What do Rodriguez and his roommate bring to read during the Pharmaco study?

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