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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Rodriguez and Gallardo meet all the people who end up helping them?
(a) at the film school
(b) through advertisements
(c) through an agency
(d) by accident

2. What is the significance of June 20th for Rodriguez?
(a) his 23rd birthday
(b) the day he wins another film contest
(c) his first day of shooting The Mariachi
(d) the day he leaves the Pharmaco study

3. What advice does Rodriguez recall as he starts work on his movie?
(a) always hire someone to do the technical jobs
(b) being creative and technical is better
(c) it takes at least $30,000 to make a movie
(d) being creative is all you need to succeed

4. What is Rodriguez given in order to edit his film?
(a) access to modern editing equipment at the university
(b) a grant for having his movie edited
(c) access to old equipment at the cable station
(d) good advice from his university professor

5. Why does Rodriguez determine to stay in the Pharmaco study?
(a) to keep from having to borrow money
(b) to get out of going to class
(c) to get the rest he needs
(d) to prove that he is a man

6. What does a professor at the film school think of Rodriguez' idea of making a film so cheaply?
(a) that they have planned well
(b) that it can be done cheaper than that
(c) that it has possibilities
(d) that it will fail

7. How does Rodriguez obtain his first VCR?
(a) through a sales promotion with no money down
(b) through his father's love for gadgets
(c) through his wife's brother's hobby
(d) through winning a contest

8. Who is Peter Marquardt?
(a) Rodriguez's film school professor
(b) a doctor at the Pharmaco study
(c) Rodriguez' roommate at the Pharmaco study.
(d) an agent who wants to sign Rodriguez

9. What does Rodriguez enjoy doing during the Pharmaco study?
(a) talking to the nurses
(b) watching the other lab rats
(c) watching reruns on TV
(d) playing his guitar

10. What short Rodriguez film wins the University of Missouri Fine Arts Competition?
(a) Bedhead
(b) The Mariachi
(c) Redhead
(d) The Last Carnival

11. What is Rodriguez able to do when he has access to two VCRs?
(a) edit his films
(b) add titles to his films
(c) make two movies at one time
(d) shoot from multiple camera angles

12. What do they use for a dolly to move the camera in some scenes?
(a) Rodriguez on a skateboard.
(b) Rodrigues riding on a tricycle.
(c) Rodrigues wearing roller blades.
(d) Rodriguez sitting in a wheel chair.

13. What comes with the next prize Bedhead wins in a film competition?
(a) a school scholarship
(b) $700 that he will use in El Mariachi
(c) a new 16mm movie camera
(d) an offer to go to Hollywood

14. Where does Rodriguez find his photo?
(a) on the entertainment page of the Express News
(b) on the film school wall
(c) on the cover of Texas Times
(d) on the post office wall

15. Because of working with limited equipment and on a tight budget, what skill does Rodriguez develop?
(a) steady handheld camera skills
(b) location negotiation skills
(c) improvizational filming skills
(d) previsualization skills

Short Answer Questions

1. Short on money, how to Rodriguez and Gallardo arrange their trip to Los Angeles?

2. What does Rodriguez participate in to raise money?

3. Who is Robert Newman?

4. What is the advantage to Rodriguez after being admitted into the University of Texas film school?

5. Why does Rodriguez return to see Gallardo in Mexico?

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