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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rodriguez plan to use to film El Mariachi?
(a) an Arriflex that he borrowed from a friend in Austin
(b) a camera borrowed from his film professor
(c) equipment rented in Mexico
(d) a small video camera

2. Who helps with shooting the chase scene?
(a) NASCAR drivers
(b) low riders
(c) local teenage drivers
(d) the local police

3. What is the best way to describe Rodriguez' style of film making?
(a) fast and effective
(b) simple and plotless
(c) quick and quirky
(d) cheap and amateurish

4. Who is Robert Newman?
(a) a studio hiring agent
(b) a financier
(c) an ICM agent
(d) a studio head

5. How do Rodriguez and Gallardo rate the Spanish films starring at least one famous actor?
(a) serious competition
(b) bad
(c) exciting
(d) well made

6. What is on Rodriguez' demo tape?
(a) BEDHEAD and the trailer of EL MARIACHI
(b) the rough cut version of EL MARIACHI
(c) views of all the film show awards Rodriguez has won
(d) reviews from major critics

7. How does Rodriguez get his earliest exposure to films?
(a) the inspiration of an English teacher
(b) his mother's love of the movies
(c) his hours watching old movies on TV
(d) his father's job in a movie theater

8. Why does Rodriguez return to see Gallardo in Mexico?
(a) He needs Gallardo's moral support.
(b) He needs a breat from editing.
(c) He needs more money.
(d) He needs to re-record some of his lines.

9. What is Robert Rodriguez' classic film made on a budget of $7000?
(a) Bedhead
(b) Los Hooligans
(c) El Mariachi
(d) El Lobo

10. What are three important locations Rodriguez and Gallardo look for in Mexico?
(a) a jail, a ranch, and a bank
(b) a bar, a jail, and a bedroom
(c) a courtroom, a bar, and a theater
(d) a market, a hotel, and a slum

11. What advice does Rodriguez recall as he starts work on his movie?
(a) it takes at least $30,000 to make a movie
(b) being creative is all you need to succeed
(c) being creative and technical is better
(d) always hire someone to do the technical jobs

12. How is the story of the book told?
(a) third person chronological form
(b) first person diary form
(c) first person dream sequences
(d) third person interview form

13. Why does Rodriguez suddenly think he can make a good profit with EL MARIACHI?
(a) The trailer has received great reviews.
(b) Several companies express an interest in the film.
(c) Compared to other films, his had better quality.
(d) Private showings have gotten rave reviews.

14. Why does Rodriguez have to go personally to ICM?
(a) he has to transalte the Spanish language
(b) they need him to pick up his demo
(c) he has to deliver some headshots
(d) the demo he left does not work properly

15. Why is Rodriguez exhausted before going to Pharmaco?
(a) trying to keep his grades up at the University of Texas
(b) working hard on his short films and working two jobs
(c) staying up late every night editing
(d) traveling back and forth to Mexico

Short Answer Questions

1. What bores Rodriguez the most during the study?

2. What offer does a Spanish action movie production company make to Rodriguez and Gallardo?

3. Why does Newman call Rodriguez?

4. Why does Rodriguez determine to stay in the Pharmaco study?

5. Short on money, how to Rodriguez and Gallardo arrange their trip to Los Angeles?

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