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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rodriguez get his earliest exposure to films?
(a) his hours watching old movies on TV
(b) his mother's love of the movies
(c) his father's job in a movie theater
(d) the inspiration of an English teacher

2. Which company was the only one that seemed to make a reasonable offer for EL MARIACHI?
(a) Tel-Star
(b) Mex-American
(c) Film-Mex
(d) Million Dollar Video

3. Where does Rodriguez find his photo?
(a) on the post office wall
(b) on the entertainment page of the Express News
(c) on the cover of Texas Times
(d) on the film school wall

4. What results if any of the rules are broken at the Pharmaco study?
(a) legal action
(b) expulsion from the program
(c) a fine deducted from the pay
(d) extension of time in the study

5. What does Rodriguez participate in to raise money?
(a) a short stint in the military
(b) a dance team performing in Mexico
(c) a drug study conducted by Pharmaco
(d) a sleep deprivation study

6. What daring thing does Rodriguez do in Hollywood?
(a) takes an ad out in Variety
(b) walks into the office of the president of Warner Bros.
(c) goes on Jay Leno Show
(d) sends his tape to ICM

7. What short Rodriguez film wins the University of Missouri Fine Arts Competition?
(a) The Mariachi
(b) Bedhead
(c) The Last Carnival
(d) Redhead

8. What enhances Rodriguez' technical skills?
(a) learning how to do makeshift lighting
(b) learning how to raise money
(c) learning how to handle all the postproduction details
(d) learning how to operate a camera

9. Why does Rodriguez suddenly think he can make a good profit with EL MARIACHI?
(a) Several companies express an interest in the film.
(b) Compared to other films, his had better quality.
(c) Private showings have gotten rave reviews.
(d) The trailer has received great reviews.

10. In LA, what do Rodriguez and Gallardo do to find a buyer?
(a) have free showings of El Mariachi
(b) get on TV and push their product
(c) go door-to-door to sell El Mariachi
(d) take out ads in the LA Times

11. What does Rodriguez say a film school teaches?
(a) how to find investors for a movie project
(b) how to make a big budget movie or how to make contacts
(c) how to enter film contests
(d) how to buy expensive equipment

12. What does the budget for transferring the film to video come in at?
(a) half of the original budget
(b) $500 less than the original budget
(c) only $100
(d) twice what Rodriguez had estimated

13. Who helps with shooting the chase scene?
(a) low riders
(b) the local police
(c) NASCAR drivers
(d) local teenage drivers

14. Because of working with limited equipment and on a tight budget, what skill does Rodriguez develop?
(a) previsualization skills
(b) location negotiation skills
(c) improvizational filming skills
(d) steady handheld camera skills

15. What star does Gallardo suggest they try to get for their film?
(a) Ricardo Montalban
(b) Ricky Ricardo
(c) Cantinflas
(d) Lina Santos

Short Answer Questions

1. What program does Rodriguez apply for at Pharmaco?

2. What interests the professor in Rodriquez' work?

3. What comes of the efforts to get Lina Santos, a Mexican movie and TV star, to act in El Mariachi?

4. Why does Rodriguez overlook small mistakes he notices while shooting El Mariachi?

5. What does Juan Suarez offer to do for the movie?

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