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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rodriguez decide to label his film in the credits?
(a) A Small Wonder Production
(b) A Los Hooligans Production
(c) A Gallardo/Rodriguez Production
(d) A Rodgal Production

2. Why does Newman call Rodriguez?
(a) to say he cannot use EL MARIACHI
(b) to tell him he loves the trailer and that he wants to work with him
(c) to ask for any other demos Rodriguez has
(d) to get his phone number in Texas

3. What offer does a Spanish action movie production company make to Rodriguez and Gallardo?
(a) to buy all their short films
(b) to make a Spanish video action movie for him for $30,000
(c) to go on the company's payroll as directors
(d) to send them to a Mexican film school

4. What does Rodriguez plan to use to film El Mariachi?
(a) a camera borrowed from his film professor
(b) an Arriflex that he borrowed from a friend in Austin
(c) a small video camera
(d) equipment rented in Mexico

5. What is the advantage to Rodriguez after being admitted into the University of Texas film school?
(a) connections to Hollywood
(b) access to the equipment he needed
(c) good critiques of his methods
(d) more time to make his films

6. How does Rodriguez refer to his operation while making El Mariachi?
(a) los locos productions
(b) el cheapo productions
(c) el estupido productions
(d) la luna productions

7. Because of working with limited equipment and on a tight budget, what skill does Rodriguez develop?
(a) location negotiation skills
(b) improvizational filming skills
(c) previsualization skills
(d) steady handheld camera skills

8. What is on Rodriguez' demo tape?
(a) reviews from major critics
(b) BEDHEAD and the trailer of EL MARIACHI
(c) the rough cut version of EL MARIACHI
(d) views of all the film show awards Rodriguez has won

9. What does Rodriguez participate in to raise money?
(a) a short stint in the military
(b) a sleep deprivation study
(c) a drug study conducted by Pharmaco
(d) a dance team performing in Mexico

10. What are Gallardo's contributions to making El Mariachi?
(a) carrying equipment and setting up lights
(b) securing permission, using his relations, and finding actors
(c) editing the script and doing the titles
(d) composing the music and doing the sound effects

11. What does Rodriguez enjoy doing during the Pharmaco study?
(a) playing his guitar
(b) talking to the nurses
(c) watching the other lab rats
(d) watching reruns on TV

12. Who are the actors in Rodriguez' short film, Bedhead?
(a) schoolmates
(b) animals
(c) homeless people
(d) his siblings

13. What does a professor at the film school think of Rodriguez' idea of making a film so cheaply?
(a) that it will fail
(b) that it can be done cheaper than that
(c) that they have planned well
(d) that it has possibilities

14. What happens to Rodriguez after spending hours on editing his film?
(a) He accidentally erases all his work.
(b) He has a reaction to the Pharmaco experiment.
(c) He starts losing his vision.
(d) His back goes out

15. Why does Rodriguez suddenly think he can make a good profit with EL MARIACHI?
(a) Private showings have gotten rave reviews.
(b) Compared to other films, his had better quality.
(c) The trailer has received great reviews.
(d) Several companies express an interest in the film.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does El Mariachi receive on airing its trailer on public access TV?

2. Why is Rodriguez exhausted before going to Pharmaco?

3. What short Rodriguez film wins the University of Missouri Fine Arts Competition?

4. What does Rodriguez decide to do before doing a full edit of the film?

5. Who is Peter Marquardt?

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