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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rodriguez sum up his pre-production activity for El Mariachi?
(a) as education
(b) as simplification
(c) as improvisation
(d) as the hardest part

2. What short Rodriguez film wins the University of Missouri Fine Arts Competition?
(a) The Last Carnival
(b) The Mariachi
(c) Bedhead
(d) Redhead

3. When is Rodriguez informed that the owner of the borrowed camera will need it back?
(a) in four days
(b) in two weeks
(c) that same day
(d) the next day

4. What does El Mariachi receive on airing its trailer on public access TV?
(a) inquiries about where the film was made
(b) positive responses from viewers
(c) an offer to finance the film
(d) negative reviews by critics

5. What is the advantage to Rodriguez after being admitted into the University of Texas film school?
(a) good critiques of his methods
(b) more time to make his films
(c) access to the equipment he needed
(d) connections to Hollywood

6. Why does Rodriguez turn down volunteer help on making his movie?
(a) He fears they will take credit for his work.
(b) He does not want a witness in case the movie is a failure.
(c) He does not have money to feed anyone.
(d) He thinks it will be bad luck.

7. How does Rodriguez obtain his first VCR?
(a) through his father's love for gadgets
(b) through his wife's brother's hobby
(c) through winning a contest
(d) through a sales promotion with no money down

8. How does Rodriguez refer to Gallardo to the media who want to interview him?
(a) as the one who has all the ideas
(b) as the one who does all the talking
(c) as the one who wants to be famous
(d) as the one who is financing the movie

9. How does Rodriguez refer to his operation while making El Mariachi?
(a) la luna productions
(b) el cheapo productions
(c) los locos productions
(d) el estupido productions

10. What is Robert Rodriguez' classic film made on a budget of $7000?
(a) Los Hooligans
(b) El Mariachi
(c) Bedhead
(d) El Lobo

11. How do Rodriguez and Gallardo rate the Spanish films starring at least one famous actor?
(a) bad
(b) well made
(c) exciting
(d) serious competition

12. Why does the boring work of editing the film begin to get Rodriguez down?
(a) He needs help but has no money left.
(b) He sees too many defects in the film.
(c) He only likes to work on things he enjoys.
(d) He fears he is not up to the task.

13. What does Rodriguez worry about before going to Pharmaco?
(a) the fear of failing the physical
(b) the side effects caused by medical experiments
(c) the time he will lose
(d) the isolation from his family

14. What enhances Rodriguez' technical skills?
(a) learning how to operate a camera
(b) learning how to raise money
(c) learning how to do makeshift lighting
(d) learning how to handle all the postproduction details

15. What offer does a Spanish action movie production company make to Rodriguez and Gallardo?
(a) to go on the company's payroll as directors
(b) to buy all their short films
(c) to make a Spanish video action movie for him for $30,000
(d) to send them to a Mexican film school

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Javier's offer for the rights to EL MARIACHI?

2. What advice does Rodriguez recall as he starts work on his movie?

3. How much do Rodriguez and Gallardo estimate it will take to make their movie?

4. What does the budget for transferring the film to video come in at?

5. What are Gallardo's contributions to making El Mariachi?

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