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Robert Rodríguez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Rodriguez after spending hours on editing his film?
(a) He accidentally erases all his work.
(b) His back goes out
(c) He starts losing his vision.
(d) He has a reaction to the Pharmaco experiment.

2. What does Rodriguez enjoy doing during the Pharmaco study?
(a) talking to the nurses
(b) playing his guitar
(c) watching reruns on TV
(d) watching the other lab rats

3. What does Rodriguez say a film school teaches?
(a) how to enter film contests
(b) how to buy expensive equipment
(c) how to find investors for a movie project
(d) how to make a big budget movie or how to make contacts

4. Where do Rodriguez' first short films get shown?
(a) in a sports bar in Mexico
(b) in his garage
(c) in class at his high school
(d) a Mexican local television channel and in dance clubs

5. What advice does Rodriguez recall as he starts work on his movie?
(a) being creative and technical is better
(b) always hire someone to do the technical jobs
(c) it takes at least $30,000 to make a movie
(d) being creative is all you need to succeed

6. Where does Rodriguez find his photo?
(a) on the entertainment page of the Express News
(b) on the post office wall
(c) on the cover of Texas Times
(d) on the film school wall

7. What comes of the efforts to get Lina Santos, a Mexican movie and TV star, to act in El Mariachi?
(a) They never get in to see her.
(b) She still will not commit to being in the movie.
(c) Her agent demands too much money.
(d) She agrees and then backs out.

8. Who is Robert Newman?
(a) a financier
(b) a studio head
(c) an ICM agent
(d) a studio hiring agent

9. Short on money, how to Rodriguez and Gallardo arrange their trip to Los Angeles?
(a) taking the bus to Los Angeles and staying at the YMCA
(b) hitchhiking to Los Angeles
(c) driving to Los Angeles and staying at a friend's place
(d) hopping a freight car to LA and sleeping in a park

10. What bores Rodriguez the most during the study?
(a) the reruns of old TV movies
(b) the slow pace of life at Pharmaco
(c) the tasteless food they have to eat
(d) the inane conversation of other lab rats

11. What daring thing does Rodriguez do in Hollywood?
(a) goes on Jay Leno Show
(b) takes an ad out in Variety
(c) walks into the office of the president of Warner Bros.
(d) sends his tape to ICM

12. In LA, what do Rodriguez and Gallardo do to find a buyer?
(a) take out ads in the LA Times
(b) have free showings of El Mariachi
(c) go door-to-door to sell El Mariachi
(d) get on TV and push their product

13. What interests the professor in Rodriquez' work?
(a) that his short films are creative but rough
(b) that he has never won a short film award
(c) that his work shows signs of genius
(d) that his award-winning short films were done by him alone

14. How does Rodriguez refer to Gallardo to the media who want to interview him?
(a) as the one who does all the talking
(b) as the one who has all the ideas
(c) as the one who wants to be famous
(d) as the one who is financing the movie

15. What star does Gallardo suggest they try to get for their film?
(a) Ricky Ricardo
(b) Lina Santos
(c) Ricardo Montalban
(d) Cantinflas

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rodriguez return to see Gallardo in Mexico?

2. What is Rodriguez given in order to edit his film?

3. Why does Rodriguez determine to stay in the Pharmaco study?

4. What does Juan Suarez offer to do for the movie?

5. Why does Rodriguez turn down volunteer help on making his movie?

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