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Short Answer Questions

1. What can moonlight do, according to the narrator?

2. Who does Max describe as being "invariably late for dinner"?

3. Why does the narrator value boredom?

4. Where does Maxim propose to take the narrator for their honeymoon?

5. What does Maxim tell Mrs Van Hopper about his valet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What criticisms of the British landed gentry are implied in this chapter of Rebecca?

2. What evidence is there of Rebecca's approach to her work of running Manderley?

3. In what way could Rebecca's death justly be termed a suicide?

4. What is the difficult position Mrs. de Winter imagines she might shortly be in?

5. What is the purpose of the opening chapter of Rebecca?

6. What does Maxim say is missing from his proposal?

7. What factor does the narrator feel has been pivotal to the way her life has turned out?

8. How might an alert reader/responder deduce that people are not seeing the protagonist's difference from Rebecca in a negative light?

9. What images relating to death are contained in this chapter?

10. What is special about Happy Valley?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Did Rebecca de Winter deserve to die? Should her husband have been punished (through the law) for her murder? Examine the moral dilemma. Is there indeed a moral dilemma at all? Write the text of a speech you might give to some law students.

Essay Topic 2

Write a considered essay on characterization in Rebecca. Which characters are rounded and which flat? Are any of the characters stereotypes? Comment on the importance of minor characters like Robert, Ben and Giles.

Essay Topic 3

"Daphne du Maurier's accomplishment is to build a tense and engaging story around an essentially weak protagonist." Do you agree? Discuss with close reference to the characters and relationships depicted in the novel.

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