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Short Answer Questions

1. What Monte Carlo attraction will Mrs Van Hopper miss by leaving early?

2. In what way does the narrator disobey her husband?

3. In what colors is the buoy painted?

4. Where does Maxim propose to take the narrator for their honeymoon?

5. What does Maxim tell his wife about the east wing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What leads to the protagonist's encounter with Mrs. Danvers in the west wing?

2. Comment on the scene that takes place in Rebecca's room.

3. What factor does the narrator feel has been pivotal to the way her life has turned out?

4. What criticisms of the British landed gentry are implied in this chapter of Rebecca?

5. How might an alert reader/responder deduce that people are not seeing the protagonist's difference from Rebecca in a negative light?

6. What does the protagonist learn about herself during this chapter?

7. What does Mrs Van Hopper do to make contact with Maxim de Winter?

8. What evidence is there of Rebecca's approach to her work of running Manderley?

9. Why does the protagonist feel like crying when she receives the set of books, A History of Painting?

10. Could this novel have been called Manderley, not Rebecca?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the moral problem that lies at the core of Rebecca. Do you think this has been presented satisfactorily? Why or why not? Be sure to refer closely to characters and events in the text.

Essay Topic 2

"Romance and drama are essential to interesting lives, and Rebecca supplies plenty of this!" Examine the romance and drama in Rebecca. What techniques does the author use to create a strong story that engages the reader?

Essay Topic 3

"Exploring moral dilemmas in fiction prepares us to make decisions in the real world." Discuss this statement, making close reference to the way characters deal with moral issues in Rebecca.

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