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Short Answer Questions

1. As she flees into the interior of the house, who does the narrator encounter in the passageway?

2. In what colors is the buoy painted?

3. How does the narrator show she is nervous around the servants?

4. For the narrator, what gives "a glow about [her] morning"?

5. In what setting does the narrator think Max de Winter belongs?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Maxim against his wife going off after the dog Jasper?

2. What is Maxim's response to Favell's threats?

3. What is the effect on the protagonist of her days spent with Maxim?

4. Why does the protagonist think measles are a blessing in the context of the inquest?

5. Why does the protagonist feel that there is "a strange air of unreality" about her first luncheon with Maxim de Winter?

6. What is it that Colonel Julyan and Jack Favell seem to be blind to concerning the meaning of Rebecca's note and her visit to Dr Baker?

7. What are the reasons the protagonist gives for her fear of stifling in Mrs. Van Hopper's room?

8. What does Mrs Van Hopper do to make contact with Maxim de Winter?

9. Why does the protagonist say that she is coming to dread any reference to the sea?

10. How does the new Mrs. de Winter play into Mrs. Danvers' hands during their conversation.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Did Rebecca de Winter deserve to die? Should her husband have been punished (through the law) for her murder? Examine the moral dilemma. Is there indeed a moral dilemma at all? Write the text of a speech you might give to some law students.

Essay Topic 2

Which character did you most engage with when reading Rebecca? Which character did you most dislike? Write an essay in which you compare and contrast these two characters and reflect about what you have learned through experiencing them in the world of the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Explain the moral problem that lies at the core of Rebecca. Do you think this has been presented satisfactorily? Why or why not? Be sure to refer closely to characters and events in the text.

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