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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the narrator value boredom?
(a) It gives her time to write her novel.
(b) It is a pleasant antidote to fear.
(c) She doesn't value it at all and is restless.
(d) There'll be excitement later when she reads the cricket scores.

2. In what way does the narrator disobey her husband?
(a) She goes looking for the dog Jasper.
(b) She takes off her raincoat.
(c) She lets the dog run away.
(d) She puts Jasper on a leash.

3. What does Mrs Van Hopper ask the narrator to fetch from her room?
(a) A letter from her nephew.
(b) A letter from her daughter.
(c) Her gloves.
(d) The train timetable.

4. What Monte Carlo attraction will Mrs Van Hopper miss by leaving early?
(a) A opera performance.
(b) A reception with the Grimaldis.
(c) Her bridge club.
(d) The Ballet.

5. In her former life, about what was the narrator sometimes worried?
(a) The poor quality of food at Manderley.
(b) The waste of food at Manderley.
(c) The difficulty of getting good servants.
(d) The waste of angel cake at Manderley.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interesting sight does the narrator remember seeing in Monaco?

2. In what colors is the buoy painted?

3. Which birds remind the narrator of Manderley?

4. What annoys and astonishes Mrs Van Hopper?

5. What is meant by "Jasper has gone to the happy hunting grounds"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why and in what way does the protagonist behave uncharacteristically?

2. What do you think he means when Frank Crawley tells the protagonist that it's vitally important they they talk?

3. What is the effect on the protagonist of her days spent with Maxim?

4. Why does the protagonist feel like crying when she receives the set of books, A History of Painting?

5. In what ways is the protagonist of Rebecca a mystery?

6. Why is Maxim so upset when his wife comments that there would never be any gossip about her?

7. What impression of Beatrice is gained in this chapter of Rebecca?

8. What does the protagonist learn about herself during this chapter?

9. Is James Tabb a rounded character?

10. What is Maxim's response to Favell's threats?

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