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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Danvers offer to do?
(a) To show the narrator how Rebecca organised her menus.
(b) To show the narrator where the stone passage is.
(c) To open up the rooms in the west wing and to take the narrator on a tour.
(d) To take the narrator downstairs.

2. What does Maxim tell Mrs Van Hopper about his valet?
(a) He says that he overpays his valet.
(b) He says his valet gossips.
(c) He says he does not have a valet.
(d) He says he does not like travelling alone and the valet is company.

3. Why is the meal with Mrs Van Hopper eaten in silence?
(a) The narrator has nothing to say.
(b) Mrs Van Hopper is annoyed with Max de Winter.
(c) Mrs Van Hopper is keeping silence for Lent.
(d) Mrs Van Hopper likes to concentrate on the food.

4. Whose things are in the boathouse?
(a) Jasper's.
(b) Rebecca's.
(c) Ben's.
(d) Maxim's.

5. What does the leather book contain?
(a) Detailed accounts.
(b) A yearly menu plan.
(c) Details about guests at Manderley.
(d) Details about Rebecca's lovers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank think about the narrator?

2. Who first suggests the revival of the Manderley Fancy Dress ball?

3. What does the narrator believe to be inevitable in everyone's life?

4. How is Manderley's drive different from how the narrator imagined it?

5. To what does the word "gaucherie" refer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What images relating to death are contained in this chapter?

2. In what ways is the protagonist of Rebecca a mystery?

3. Comment on the layers of meaning in Chapter 19 of Rebecca.

4. What are the reasons the protagonist gives for her fear of stifling in Mrs. Van Hopper's room?

5. Comment on the significance of Frank's comment that humans enjoy disguises.

6. What are safe topics for the protagonist to read aloud to her husband?

7. What leads to the protagonist's encounter with Mrs. Danvers in the west wing?

8. What do you think he means when Frank Crawley tells the protagonist that it's vitally important they they talk?

9. Comment on the protagonist's conversation with Ben.

10. What does Maxim say is missing from his proposal?

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