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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What annoys and astonishes Mrs Van Hopper?
(a) The difficulty of packing for the trip.
(b) Her realization that the narrator is happy in Europe.
(c) Her realizaton that the narrator isn't excited about going to New York.
(d) That little Nancy might have appendicitis.

2. Why does the narrator think "ripping" is a poor word to describe her two weeks in Maxim's company?
(a) It's a shallow expression that doesn't convey the depth of happiness she has experienced.
(b) Her late father didn't like that expression.
(c) It's a word that is not grown-up enough for her.
(d) She avoids using slang words at all times.

3. Which birds remind the narrator of Manderley?
(a) Guinea fowl.
(b) Ducks.
(c) Pigeons.
(d) Swans.

4. Who opens the car door for the narrator?
(a) She opens it herself.
(b) Maxim.
(c) Mrs. Danvers.
(d) The butler.

5. What does Frank tell the narrator about Ben?
(a) That he wouldn't harm a child.
(b) That he wouldn't hurt a fly.
(c) That he was devoted to Rebecca.
(d) That he will soon be taken to an asylum.

Short Answer Questions

1. Identify the figurative language in the phrase "lies like an empty shell."

2. How does Beatrice announce that she will be coming to lunch?

3. How does the narrator define happiness?

4. What fruit does the narrator anticipate being served at tea?

5. Who first suggests the revival of the Manderley Fancy Dress ball?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the effect of the description of the London streets in Chapter 26 of Rebecca?

2. Why does the protagonist think measles are a blessing in the context of the inquest?

3. What is it that Colonel Julyan and Jack Favell seem to be blind to concerning the meaning of Rebecca's note and her visit to Dr Baker?

4. What reasons does Favell assert will prevent him from getting justice over Rebecca's death?

5. In what ways is the protagonist of Rebecca a mystery?

6. What leads to the protagonist's encounter with Mrs. Danvers in the west wing?

7. Show how honesty affects the relationship of Maxim and his wife during Chapter 20 of Rebecca.

8. What do you think he means when Frank Crawley tells the protagonist that it's vitally important they they talk?

9. In what way could Rebecca's death justly be termed a suicide?

10. How might an alert reader/responder deduce that people are not seeing the protagonist's difference from Rebecca in a negative light?

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