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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What object does Ben attempt to hide from the narrator?
(a) A fishing line.
(b) A length of twine.
(c) A box of matches.
(d) A piece of wood.

2. In what colors is the buoy painted?
(a) White and green.
(b) Orange and green.
(c) Red, white and blue.
(d) Orange and white.

3. What is meant by "Jasper has gone to the happy hunting grounds"?
(a) Jasper is frisky.
(b) Jasper is a good hunting dog.
(c) Jasper is dead.
(d) Jasper is out hunting for rabbits.

4. What did the narrator do with the pieces of the figurine?
(a) She put them in her underwear drawer.
(b) She put them in an envelope which she hid in her desk.
(c) She put them in a container on her desk.
(d) She put them in an envelope and hid them under her pillow.

5. Who first suggests the revival of the Manderley Fancy Dress ball?
(a) Mrs. Danvers.
(b) The bishop in a neighboring cathedral town.
(c) The wife of a bishop in a neighboring cathedral town.
(d) Beatrice Lacy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Maxim's attitude to his past life?

2. Which birds remind the narrator of Manderley?

3. Which of these statements is true of Mrs Van Hopper?

4. Of what is Rebecca's vase made?

5. How does Beatrice greet the narrator?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the protagonist think measles are a blessing in the context of the inquest?

2. Why does the protagonist feel like crying when she receives the set of books, A History of Painting?

3. Comment on the protagonist's feelings in Chapter 17 of Rebecca.

4. Why is Maxim against his wife going off after the dog Jasper?

5. What do you think he means when Frank Crawley tells the protagonist that it's vitally important they they talk?

6. What information about Jack Favell is important in this chapter.

7. What leads to the protagonist's encounter with Mrs. Danvers in the west wing?

8. What does Maxim say is missing from his proposal?

9. What are safe topics for the protagonist to read aloud to her husband?

10. Comment on the significance of the title "Je Reviens--I come back" for Rebecca's boat.

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