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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maxim's Gran believe are the three most important qualities in a wife?
(a) Breeding, bearing and beauty,
(b) Breeding, brains and beauty.
(c) Archness, aristocracy and acumen.
(d) Fertility, feistiness and fearlessness.

2. What reason does Mrs Danvers give for her deception over the ball dress?
(a) She likes the feeling of power.
(b) She wanted revenge because she believes Mrs. de Winter told her husband of Jack Favell's visit.
(c) She thinks Mrs. de Winter is a weak fool and therefore fair game.
(d) She says it is something Rebecca would have done.

3. In what sort of mood is the narrator the morning after the fancy dress ball?
(a) She is tired and nervous.
(b) She is angry and depressed.
(c) She is exhausted.
(d) She is in despair.

4. What does Mrs. Danvers suggest to the narrator?
(a) That Rebecca is her spirit guide.
(b) That it is time they both had a break and went downstairs.
(c) That she wear Rebecca's clothes.
(d) That Rebecca haunts Manderley.

5. What color dress does the narrator eventually wear top the ball?
(a) Yellow.
(b) White.
(c) Red.
(d) Blue.

6. What does the Coroner say about Mr Tubb's workmanship?
(a) He says it is irrelevant.
(b) He says it is excellent and he would like him to work on his wife's boat.
(c) He says it is excellent and was not to blame for the accident.
(d) He condemns it as being responsible for the accident.

7. For the narrator, what is the dreadful ending to the evening?
(a) Mrs. Danvers and Max laugh at her.
(b) Mrs. Danvers laughs at her.
(c) Max is weeping for Rebecca.
(d) Max does not come to bed.

8. According to Mrs. Danvers, why should Mrs. de Winter kill herself?
(a) Max will never return to her because he really loves Rebecca.
(b) She'll go to Heaven where there are no troubles.
(c) It will make Rebecca happy.
(d) Because Maxim does not love her, she's not happy and a misfit at Manderley.

9. What costume does Max choose for the ball?
(a) Max will be dressed as a shepherd.
(b) Max will be going as Riahard III.
(c) Max never wears fancy dress; he's in evening clothes.
(d) Max will be dressed as Julius Caesar.

10. Who are Hastings and Birkett?
(a) Travel agents.
(b) A firm specializing in marine salvage.
(c) Police officers.
(d) Lawyers.

11. What is Mr Tubb's opinion about the boat's sinking?
(a) He says part of the hull was sawn off.
(b) He says someone tampered with the boat when it was moored.
(c) He says it was deliberately scuttled.
(d) He says Rebecca was unusually careless.

12. What explanation does Maxim give for the shipping disaster?
(a) He believes the ship's captain was drunk.
(b) He believes the ship mistook the bay for Kerrith Harbour.
(c) He believes the ship had not taken a pilot on board.
(d) He believes the ship had tried to avoid smugglers.

13. What are the qualities the narrator believes a person must have to be well-bred?
(a) Pride and money.
(b) An aristocratic pedigree.
(c) Pride and guts.
(d) A good accent and pride.

14. What was Rebecca's attitude to doctors?
(a) She despised them.
(b) She respected them.
(c) She didn't trust them completely, but consulted them.
(d) She was indifferent to them.

15. What are Maxim's dominant feelings about his years with Rebecca?
(a) Knowing other man could have what he couldn't have.
(b) His awe at Rebecca's beauty and cleverness.
(c) The shame and degradation from living a lie.
(d) The shame of having to deceive his grandmother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator realize about Frank?

2. What does Favell want?

3. Who instructs Mrs. Danvers to lock Maxim and his wife in their room for the night?

4. Who is the unexpected visitor that Frith announces?

5. What is depicted on the postcard set on the doctor's mantelpiece?

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