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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Frank visit the vicar?
(a) To confess what he knows about the murder.
(b) To borrow his car.
(c) To arrange Rebecca's burial.
(d) To ask him for dinner.

2. What does Maxim tell his wife to do?
(a) Accompany him to the library.
(b) To fetch Mrs. Danvers.
(c) To go and get changed before anyone arrives.
(d) To go upstairs and stay there out of sight.

3. What did Rebecca think of her lovers?
(a) She laughed at them.
(b) She thought they gave her kudos.
(c) She thought they were good providers.
(d) She adored them.

4. What are Maxim's dominant feelings about his years with Rebecca?
(a) The shame and degradation from living a lie.
(b) Knowing other man could have what he couldn't have.
(c) His awe at Rebecca's beauty and cleverness.
(d) The shame of having to deceive his grandmother.

5. How is the narrator's entrance to the ball announced?
(a) Via a drum roll.
(b) Some loud chords on a piano.
(c) Frith calls for order and announces her.
(d) Via a trumpet fanfare.

6. Who discovers Baker's phone number?
(a) Jack Favell.
(b) Colonel Julyan.
(c) Mrs. de Winter.
(d) Mrs. Danvers.

7. Why is Beatrice unable to visit?
(a) She has the measles.
(b) She has to nurse Giles and Roger.
(c) The family is in quarantine due to the measles.
(d) She is too embarrassed.

8. How might Beatrice's driving be described?
(a) Fast and skilful.
(b) Fast, but careful and relatively safe.
(c) Sensible, driving always at an appropriate speed.
(d) Fast, dangerous, not seeming to notice the chaos she causes.

9. Who is Captain Searle?
(a) The diver.
(b) The captain of the foundered vessel.
(c) The harbormaster at Kerrith.
(d) An army reservist and magistrate.

10. What does Frank consider to be a universal instinct?
(a) To dress up and get drunk at parties.
(b) To kill enemies.
(c) To dress up in some sort of disguise.
(d) To disguise intentions if feeling threatened.

11. In what area of London does Dr Baker live?
(a) Palmers Green in North London.
(b) Maida Vale in Central London.
(c) Barnet in North London.
(d) Hampstead.

12. Ben offers the narrator some winkles. What are winkles?
(a) Undersized fish.
(b) Small shellfish.
(c) Berry fruits that grow in the forest.
(d) A type of Cornish biscuit.

13. What is Mr Tubb's opinion about the boat's sinking?
(a) He says someone tampered with the boat when it was moored.
(b) He says part of the hull was sawn off.
(c) He says it was deliberately scuttled.
(d) He says Rebecca was unusually careless.

14. Who is the unexpected visitor that Frith announces?
(a) The coroner.
(b) Jack Favell.
(c) Rebecca's grandmother.
(d) Maxim's grandmother.

15. Why does the narrator tell Frank Crawley that Maxim did not come to bed?
(a) She is overwrought and blurts it out unthinkingly.
(b) She trusts him, so confides in him.
(c) She wants him to find Max and intercede for her.
(d) She wants Frank to feel sorry for her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Max feel about speaking to the press?

2. In her morning reverie, how does the protagonist/narrator depict life at Manderley?

3. Why does Colonel Julyan not think it would help to write to the doctor about Rebecca's consultation?

4. Who saw Rebecca leave the note at Favell's flat?

5. How many people from the ship are drowned?

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