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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Max feel about speaking to the press?
(a) He only wants to make prepared statements.
(b) He doesn't want to make any statements.
(c) He is worried he might antagonize them.
(d) He thinks he needs them on his side.

2. What does Favell think will help Ben to remember him?
(a) A whipping.
(b) The people at the asylum.
(c) A good supper.
(d) Hypnotherapy.

3. On reflection about past events, what deduction does the narrator make?
(a) That Jack Favell knows how to get his way.
(b) That Frank witnessed the murder.
(c) That Colonel Julyan believes in the murder.
(d) That Ben witnessed the murder.

4. What does Colonel Julyan say about blackmail?
(a) It is pure and simple.
(b) It is simple, but not pure.
(c) It is a way to become rich.
(d) It is neither pure nor simple.

5. In what way does the narrator find Frank Crawley invaluable?
(a) He conducts an inspection of Happy Valley.
(b) He helps her serve tea to the many visitors.
(c) He teaches her to ride.
(d) He helps her with accounts.

6. What flower does a guest suggest the narrator represents, in her blue dress?
(a) An iris.
(b) Morning glory vine.
(c) A cornflower.
(d) A forget-me-not.

7. Why is a diver employed?
(a) To look for survivors.
(b) To salvage items from the ship's safe.
(c) To inspect the damaged hull of the ship.
(d) To make a report on damage to the reef.

8. Ben offers the narrator some winkles. What are winkles?
(a) Undersized fish.
(b) A type of Cornish biscuit.
(c) Berry fruits that grow in the forest.
(d) Small shellfish.

9. What is Beatrice's theory about the holes in Rebecca's boat?
(a) She doesn't believe there were any holes in the boat.
(b) She thinks Maxim was responsible.
(c) She thinks Ben probably did it.
(d) She thinks Communists were responsible.

10. What are the qualities the narrator believes a person must have to be well-bred?
(a) Pride and money.
(b) A good accent and pride.
(c) An aristocratic pedigree.
(d) Pride and guts.

11. Who discovers Baker's phone number?
(a) Mrs. Danvers.
(b) Jack Favell.
(c) Mrs. de Winter.
(d) Colonel Julyan.

12. What does Frank consider to be a universal instinct?
(a) To kill enemies.
(b) To dress up in some sort of disguise.
(c) To disguise intentions if feeling threatened.
(d) To dress up and get drunk at parties.

13. What does she believe about her relationship with Maxim?
(a) She believes the problems will blow over.
(b) She believes she will need to work hard to get through the crisis.
(c) She believes her marriage has failed after three months.
(d) That it is over and the divorce settlement will make her rich.

14. What does Dr Baker reveal?
(a) That Rebecca was pregnant.
(b) That Rebecca had terminal cancer.
(c) That Rebecca had a serious heart condition.
(d) That Rebecca needed an operation for a malformed uterus.

15. What do the rockets indicate?
(a) That a ship has gone ashore/run aground in the bay.
(b) That a ship has collided with the wharf and destroyed it.
(c) That two ships have collided in the fog.
(d) That a member of the Royal Family has died.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the narrator when she puts "out [her] hand and touche[s] the brushes"?

2. What is the name of the game the narrator feels is being played with Mrs. Danvers?

3. How might Beatrice's driving be described?

4. Where does the narrator stand to watch the drama of the grounded ship?

5. What explanation does Maxim give for the shipping disaster?

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