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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Beatrice suggest the narrator do in the morning?
(a) She should get up early and talk to Max.
(b) She should sack Mrs. Danvers.
(c) She should apologize to Maxim.
(d) She should have a good lie-in, with breakfast in bed.

2. How does the narrator feel about visiting Maxim's grandmother?
(a) She is bored by the idea but goes along with it politely.
(b) She thinks it will be a waste of time.
(c) She is very much in favor of it.
(d) She is irritated at Beatrice asking her.

3. In what area of London does Dr Baker live?
(a) Maida Vale in Central London.
(b) Barnet in North London.
(c) Palmers Green in North London.
(d) Hampstead.

4. What does Frank consider to be a universal instinct?
(a) To kill enemies.
(b) To dress up and get drunk at parties.
(c) To dress up in some sort of disguise.
(d) To disguise intentions if feeling threatened.

5. What do the rockets indicate?
(a) That a ship has collided with the wharf and destroyed it.
(b) That a member of the Royal Family has died.
(c) That two ships have collided in the fog.
(d) That a ship has gone ashore/run aground in the bay.

6. What are the qualities the narrator believes a person must have to be well-bred?
(a) A good accent and pride.
(b) Pride and guts.
(c) An aristocratic pedigree.
(d) Pride and money.

7. Why is Beatrice unable to visit?
(a) She has the measles.
(b) She has to nurse Giles and Roger.
(c) She is too embarrassed.
(d) The family is in quarantine due to the measles.

8. What does Maxim ask Frank to do?
(a) To wait at Manderley.
(b) To take his wife in to Lanyon.
(c) To take his wife back to Manderley.
(d) To take Mrs. Danvers back to Manderley.

9. How does Max feel about speaking to the press?
(a) He only wants to make prepared statements.
(b) He is worried he might antagonize them.
(c) He doesn't want to make any statements.
(d) He thinks he needs them on his side.

10. In her morning reverie, how does the protagonist/narrator depict life at Manderley?
(a) As peaceful and lovely, an oasis in a world of strife.
(b) As irrelevant, not moving with the times.
(c) As graceful, but dangerously indulgent.
(d) As a world that the Communists will sweep away.

11. Who is Colonel Julyan?
(a) The magistrate for Kerrith.
(b) A distant relative of Rebecca's.
(c) A famous lawyer from London.
(d) The magistrate for Penwith.

12. What are Maxim's dominant feelings about his years with Rebecca?
(a) Knowing other man could have what he couldn't have.
(b) The shame and degradation from living a lie.
(c) His awe at Rebecca's beauty and cleverness.
(d) The shame of having to deceive his grandmother.

13. What does the narrator's dream suggest?
(a) That she would like to be Rebecca.
(b) That she is spooked by Mrs. Danvers.
(c) That she likes walking in the forest.
(d) That she is insecure about Maxim's feelings for her.

14. What costume does Max choose for the ball?
(a) Max never wears fancy dress; he's in evening clothes.
(b) Max will be going as Riahard III.
(c) Max will be dressed as Julius Caesar.
(d) Max will be dressed as a shepherd.

15. What is the name of Rebecca's boat, as written on the name board?
(a) Je Reviens.
(b) Jete, jete!
(c) Je t'aime.
(d) Jetabout.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maxim tell his wife at last?

2. How is the narrator's entrance to the ball announced?

3. What does the narrator realize about Frank?

4. What is the "frightful word of six letters" to which the narrator refers?

5. Which words best describe Beatrice's Christmas party?

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