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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maxim ask Frank to do?
(a) To wait at Manderley.
(b) To take his wife in to Lanyon.
(c) To take Mrs. Danvers back to Manderley.
(d) To take his wife back to Manderley.

2. What prevents Beatrice going to London with them all?
(a) Her car is in for service.
(b) Giles is ill and Beatrice is suspicious of the nurse.
(c) Roger wants her to watch him play cricket.
(d) Roger can't be left as he is sick and doesn't like the nurse.

3. What does Maxim tell his wife at last?
(a) That he is penniless.
(b) That he loves her.
(c) That he adores Rebecca.
(d) That he will soon come to love her.

4. What does Beatrice suggest the narrator do in the morning?
(a) She should sack Mrs. Danvers.
(b) She should get up early and talk to Max.
(c) She should apologize to Maxim.
(d) She should have a good lie-in, with breakfast in bed.

5. Ben offers the narrator some winkles. What are winkles?
(a) Small shellfish.
(b) A type of Cornish biscuit.
(c) Undersized fish.
(d) Berry fruits that grow in the forest.

6. What has changed concerning the relationship between the narrator and Mrs. Danvers?
(a) All power has gone out of the relationship.
(b) The power roles are reversed.
(c) The narrator has gained some power.
(d) The power of Mrs. Danvers has grown stronger.

7. What is the name of the game the narrator feels is being played with Mrs. Danvers?
(a) Old Bailey.
(b) Old Witch.
(c) Spicks and Soecks.
(d) Witchery.

8. Who instructs Mrs. Danvers to lock Maxim and his wife in their room for the night?
(a) Mrs de Winter.
(b) Colonel Julyan.
(c) Maxim de Winter.
(d) Jack Favell.

9. Why are the shops in Layton closed?
(a) It is early closing day.
(b) It is Sunday.
(c) The shopowners have all gone to the inquest.
(d) As a mark of respect to Rebecca.

10. What story is circulated regarding Mrs. de Winter's dress?
(a) That the dressmaker sent the wrong dress.
(b) That the dress was ruined by the maid.
(c) That the dress was too big and had to be returned.
(d) That the dress was in the wrong color.

11. In what way does the narrator find Frank Crawley invaluable?
(a) He helps her with accounts.
(b) He conducts an inspection of Happy Valley.
(c) He teaches her to ride.
(d) He helps her serve tea to the many visitors.

12. What explanation does Maxim give for the shipping disaster?
(a) He believes the ship mistook the bay for Kerrith Harbour.
(b) He believes the ship had tried to avoid smugglers.
(c) He believes the ship's captain was drunk.
(d) He believes the ship had not taken a pilot on board.

13. In her morning reverie, how does the protagonist/narrator depict life at Manderley?
(a) As peaceful and lovely, an oasis in a world of strife.
(b) As irrelevant, not moving with the times.
(c) As graceful, but dangerously indulgent.
(d) As a world that the Communists will sweep away.

14. Who is the unexpected visitor that Frith announces?
(a) The coroner.
(b) Rebecca's grandmother.
(c) Maxim's grandmother.
(d) Jack Favell.

15. What does the Coroner say about Mr Tubb's workmanship?
(a) He condemns it as being responsible for the accident.
(b) He says it is excellent and he would like him to work on his wife's boat.
(c) He says it is irrelevant.
(d) He says it is excellent and was not to blame for the accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who announces the arrival of Maxim's car?

2. How long ago did the narrator last use her dressing-case?

3. What costume does Maxim de Winter suggest his wife wear to the fancy dress ball?

4. What is the narrator's first reaction to Maxim's confession that he killed Rebecca?

5. What are the qualities the narrator believes a person must have to be well-bred?

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