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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fruit does the narrator anticipate being served at tea?
(a) Apples.
(b) Strawberries and cream.
(c) Fresh raspberries.
(d) Cranberries.

2. Why does the narrator feel comfortable with her maid Clarice?
(a) She has never been in service before and has no alarming standards.
(b) They are the same age.
(c) She is experienced in service and very helpful.
(d) She is a friendly, outgoing girl.

3. About what is the narrator especially knowledgeable?
(a) The English countryside.
(b) Breeding partridges.
(c) The history of Manderley.
(d) Vineyards.

4. How is Manderley's drive different from how the narrator imagined it?
(a) It is not wide and straight, but narrow and serpentine.
(b) It seems neglected, needs resurfacing.
(c) The gravel is red, not white.
(d) There are no trees lining it.

5. In her dream, to whom does the narrator call?
(a) The lodge-keeper.
(b) Maxim de Winter.
(c) Rebecca.
(d) Mrs Van Hopper.

6. What fault in Mrs Van Hopper changes the narrator's destiny?
(a) Her loud voice.
(b) Her snobbishness.
(c) Her terrible taste in shoes.
(d) Her greediness.

7. How does Mrs Van Hopper misjudge the conversation with Maxim de Winter?
(a) She believes Max was flirting with the narrator.
(b) She believes Max thinks she is witty.
(c) She thinks Max was embarrassed by the narrator's behavior.
(d) She thinks Max is falling for her.

8. What does the narrator find in the pocket of the car?
(a) A cache of love-letters.
(b) Rebecca's gloves.
(c) A well-thumbed novel.
(d) A book of poetry.

9. Identify the figurative language in the phrase "lies like an empty shell."
(a) This is postmodern structuralism.
(b) This is a simile.
(c) This is onomatopoeia.
(d) This is a metaphor.

10. What Monte Carlo attraction will Mrs Van Hopper miss by leaving early?
(a) The Ballet.
(b) A opera performance.
(c) Her bridge club.
(d) A reception with the Grimaldis.

11. Who is responsible for attending to the narrator's letters?
(a) Mrs. Danvers.
(b) Maxim de Winter.
(c) Frith, the butler.
(d) Robert, the footman.

12. What does the leather book contain?
(a) A yearly menu plan.
(b) Detailed accounts.
(c) Details about Rebecca's lovers.
(d) Details about guests at Manderley.

13. In what setting does the narrator think Max de Winter belongs?
(a) On the cover of a magazine like Tatler.
(b) A fifteenth century walled city.
(c) In an imposing London bank building.
(d) At Palm Beach in Florida.

14. Which things are permanent, according to the narrator?
(a) Fear and suffering.
(b) The brown lilac and the Happy Valley.
(c) Manderley and Rebecca.
(d) The bare little hotel bedroom and the dream.

15. What excuse does the narrator give to Mrs. Danvers?
(a) She says she has lost her key.
(b) She says she is looking for a book.
(c) She says she has a headache.
(d) She says she has lost her way.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way does the narrator disobey her husband?

2. For the narrator, what is the result of Mrs Van Hopper's illness?

3. How does the narrator define happiness?

4. What gives the impression of a church archway?

5. How does Beatrice greet the narrator?

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