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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Identify the figurative language in the phrase "lies like an empty shell."
(a) This is onomatopoeia.
(b) This is a simile.
(c) This is a metaphor.
(d) This is postmodern structuralism.

2. What gives the impression of a church archway?
(a) The mingled branches of beech trees.
(b) Oak trees.
(c) Binsey poplars.
(d) Monster shrubs and plants.

3. What fault in Mrs Van Hopper changes the narrator's destiny?
(a) Her snobbishness.
(b) Her loud voice.
(c) Her terrible taste in shoes.
(d) Her greediness.

4. In her dream, to whom does the narrator call?
(a) Maxim de Winter.
(b) Mrs Van Hopper.
(c) The lodge-keeper.
(d) Rebecca.

5. How are the desk pigeonholes labeled?
(a) In Mrs Danvers' handwriting.
(b) In Rebecca's handwriting.
(c) In copperplate engraving.
(d) In typewritten courier font.

6. Why does the narrator think "ripping" is a poor word to describe her two weeks in Maxim's company?
(a) Her late father didn't like that expression.
(b) She avoids using slang words at all times.
(c) It's a shallow expression that doesn't convey the depth of happiness she has experienced.
(d) It's a word that is not grown-up enough for her.

7. How do the de Winters travel from London to Manderley?
(a) They travel by car.
(b) They take the train from Victoria station.
(c) They take a train from Euston.
(d) They travel by sailboat.

8. What does Maxim tell Mrs Van Hopper about his valet?
(a) He says he does not have a valet.
(b) He says his valet gossips.
(c) He says he does not like travelling alone and the valet is company.
(d) He says that he overpays his valet.

9. Why is the narrator rather shocked at herself?
(a) Because she played Hare and Hounds with the children.
(b) Because she feels free and happy with Max away in London.
(c) Because she spoke up to Mrs. Danvers.
(d) Because she took biscuits and fruit.

10. How long after her drowning was Rebecca's body found?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Two months.
(c) Two days.
(d) Six months.

11. For the narrator, what gives "a glow about [her] morning"?
(a) Her new makeup.
(b) The pleasure of wearing Max's coat.
(c) The pleasure of driving in the car with Max.
(d) Getting away from Mrs Van Hopper.

12. In happier times, where did they take tea?
(a) In the boathouse.
(b) In the rose garden.
(c) Under the chestnut tree.
(d) On the beach.

13. What object does Ben attempt to hide from the narrator?
(a) A box of matches.
(b) A length of twine.
(c) A fishing line.
(d) A piece of wood.

14. What sort of car does Jack Favell drive?
(a) A Morris estate car.
(b) A green sports car.
(c) A Daimler.
(d) A red sports car.

15. For the narrator, what is the result of Mrs Van Hopper's illness?
(a) She gets two weeks of boredom.
(b) She learns some valuable lessons from the trained nurse.
(c) She gets the sack.
(d) She gets two weeks of freedom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object is Robert suspected of stealing?

2. How does Beatrice greet the narrator?

3. What annoys and astonishes Mrs Van Hopper?

4. As she flees into the interior of the house, who does the narrator encounter in the passageway?

5. On what floor of the hotel building is Max's suite?

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