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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What explanation does Maxim give for the shipping disaster?
(a) He believes the ship mistook the bay for Kerrith Harbour.
(b) He believes the ship had not taken a pilot on board.
(c) He believes the ship had tried to avoid smugglers.
(d) He believes the ship's captain was drunk.

2. How does the narrator define happiness?
(a) She says happiness is at Manderley.
(b) She says it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.
(c) She says it can be achieved through hard work.
(d) She suggests happiness is unattainable.

3. What does Frank think about the narrator?
(a) He thinks she is inexperienced and arrogant.
(b) He thinks that she is fresh, young and sensible.
(c) He thinks she is beautiful and shy.
(d) He thinks she is too young to manage Manderley.

4. What does she believe about her relationship with Maxim?
(a) She believes her marriage has failed after three months.
(b) She believes she will need to work hard to get through the crisis.
(c) That it is over and the divorce settlement will make her rich.
(d) She believes the problems will blow over.

5. Who saw Rebecca leave the note at Favell's flat?
(a) Rebecca's chauffeur.
(b) The porter.
(c) A cab driver.
(d) A housemaid.

Short Answer Questions

1. For the narrator, what is the dreadful ending to the evening?

2. What does Maxim's Gran believe are the three most important qualities in a wife?

3. What has tarnished the silver dresses?

4. How does Beatrice announce that she will be coming to lunch?

5. In happier times, where did they take tea?

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