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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can moonlight do, according to the narrator?
(a) Moonlight can make you feel romantic.
(b) Moonlight can play odd tricks upon the fancy.
(c) Moonlight can reveal secrets.
(d) Moonlight can scare you.

2. Overall, what does this description show the reader about Manderley?
(a) That it is not in England.
(b) That it is made of grey stone.
(c) That it is a haunted ruin.
(d) That it is a ruin, but unhaunted.

3. What is Maxim's attitude to his past life?
(a) He wants to talk about it to free himself from its ghosts.
(b) He wants to accept his mistakes and move on.
(c) He does not wish to remember it.
(d) It is a place full of sacred memories that he does not want to share.

4. What does the narrator find in the pocket of the car?
(a) A cache of love-letters.
(b) Rebecca's gloves.
(c) A book of poetry.
(d) A well-thumbed novel.

5. What did the narrator wear on her visit to the bishop's wife?
(a) A skirt, twin set and pearls.
(b) Her flannel skirt.
(c) A frock.
(d) Slacks and a tunic top.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has tarnished the silver dresses?

2. What is depicted on the postcard set on the doctor's mantelpiece?

3. For how long would Rebecca have her hair brushed?

4. What sort of woman does the narrator crave to be?

5. For the narrator, what is the dreadful ending to the evening?

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